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Found an old mission on my PC

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I was trying to sort out the general mess also known as my modding PC when I found an old mission that I must have put together at least 5 or 6 years ago.

I gave it a run through and it seems to work OK, so I uploaded it in case anyone had a bored half hour and wanted to play something unfamiliar.

It's really not worthy of the download section though, so I've stuck the link here.

It is SP only and needs DS & IT, and is supposed to work with plain vanilla weapons (I've messed with the kit files so custom weapons will bypass my restrictions)



PS: Although you only need one rocket to carry out the AT objective, there is lots of armour so take 2 demo guys

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Jeep and Truck at extraction were stopped by a dead tank, so they were sitting ducks.


I guess this is why I gave up writing scripts :P

I'm glad you enjoyed it despite my little gaff

(I quite like the idea of a continuation of an RSE mission but I can't think of too many others where this would work)

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