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Future Soldier Wallpaper Pack

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duuuude, I can't see squat. :( would you please check your links? Neither one worked for me. Both said the pic had moved. Thx! :)

freak'n sweet, how do I get these pics?

& the REAL Marines signature/pic is just too good. God bless the Marines!

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Nice one! i would think that maybe moving the soldier over to the left and enlarging him might look better, there's just something awkward with him being there.

you had near enough the same idea as me though, when i was doing one of my images, never showed it though, but here it is


bit busy for my liking hence why i called it an IMAGE rather than a wallpaper.

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these are wallpapers for a new PS3 theme i am making, it's in a testing process at the moment, i need to check all the new Icons work and look okay, it would suck if they didn't.

but i think it's a bit unfair if you are a PC gamer and like them (yeah right XD)




Xbox 360 backgrounds are next too.

Hope you like them!

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XD thanks just so happens to be the most troublesome one i composed :lol: i have preference to the second one, the first is the second best but that's just me XD beginning to think the third is perhaps too busy, maybe the skull could do with being taken off.

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Unless it's a Ghost Recon AI dude halfway across the map with a peashooter who kills me with one shot to the foot. smile.gif

Could be worse. If more modern AI is anything to go by, he could have thrown a grenade from halfway across the map that passes through a tiny hole in the wall of the building you're in and lands at your feet, having somehow avoided all trees and telegraph poles in it's flight path, like on.... Oh wait, don't get me started. Such is the 'sniper grenade' phenomenon.

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