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Can Windows XP updates saved and reinstalled?


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I'm back......with another question. I'm thinking about reformatting /reinstalling (what ever it's called) my win.XP media edition OS.However, I sure dont want to have to spend the time (on dailup connection) to DL Sp2 and 3 and all the other "security" updates that is on my pc.

Question:.............. Is it possible to save all of it to disc and install them after OS reinstallation , without having to DL from MS site,and if so......how would I go about the installment of said "updates".

The reason for wanting to reinstall OS, is just have a "clean" install and not have pc bogged down with about five years of poo,.........plus make more room on HD to put more Arma 2 stuff on.

Thanks in advance


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Hey Clay,

Googled a bit and if you d/l'ed sp2 and sp3 as .exe files it should be no problem to burn to CD or DVD and reinstall later.

But if you installed them using Automatic Updates it is still possible if your a ######' rocket scientist!

I have the sp2 .exe I can mail you no problem.


Reference this page:


I think the d/l you need is called:

-Windows XP Service Pack 3 stand-alone version (download)

I'm not positive as there are several to choose from. :hmm:

Anyways will d/l and send to you too if we can be sure it is the correct file.

Assuming you are XP Home Addition, 32 bit and your copy of XP came with SP1?

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My Os is windows XP Media Center Edition ( I assume 32 bit)...........After I bought pc,I DLed sp2 from MS site and have also DLed many a "security" updates as well during the past few years.....also DLed sp3 from MS site when it was made available.

"Rocket scientist"..............who me?LMAO,I do good to find the choke and starter button on this darn thing......that's why I asking ya'll.

Also,"Dell" didnt send a hard copy of OS with PC,but somewhere,someplace,I'm "supposed" to be able to"revert back" to origanal state.......excusing myself for now wondering"how's this gonna work out"..............

Just thought of something......I do have a XP OS disc that came with mother's PC....(years ago),wonder if I'd have any problem using it.

I get the feelin I'm getting in over my head (tech knowledge).....It cant be very hard to do want I'm thinking about,but I sure do need an instruction manual.

All help/support is appreciated

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If your sp2 and sp3 files end with .exe I think you are in business to burn to a disk for later use.

My SP2 file is named: WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe

Most computer manufacturers don't send a Windows install disc.

Usually they supply what is called a "recovery disc" that you can reformat with.

Dell didn't send a recovery disk?

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where do I look for/find "WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe" ?

I copied and pasted WindowsXP-KB835935-SP2-ENU.exe in the search function on my PC and it found it right away. To be clear this is a file I d/l'ed from MS and not through the Automatic Update thingy. It is an .exe file which means it will install itself. From what I understand the Automatic Updates aren't the same thing.

The question is did you save it to disk after you installed it. I saved knowing at some point I'd have to reformat. Hopefully you did the same.

Otherwise I will send SP2 and 3 through the mail to you. That is if I can find the right SP3 file.

Maybe Rob knows something about that. :thumbsup:

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4x' date='Feb 5 2010, 05:17 PM' post='553323']

Been doing some lookin myself and have found the instructions as to how to use the Dell "restore like new" (on Boot, Ctrl+F11 or maybe it's Alt,I forgot already :o )thing a majig........only problem is,when/if I do this.....it's my understanding that it will load all the Dell bloatware,too. :wall: And that's some of the poo I'm trying to get rid of.

Yes it will load all that Dell crap back on your PC. If you have a XP disc I'd use that so you won't have any extra junk attached. You just have to have the proper MS product key sticker to get the copy activated.

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You just have to have the proper MS product key sticker to get the copy activated.

That is usually on the computer case the copy of Windows shipped with. Side panel, inside the front door if it has one.

the Automatic Update thingy.

Thats how I got both SPs..........will do a search tho and see what happens.

I's say your out of luck.

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That is the correct addy.

Thanks Rob,for your input......I think I can figure out the "key" and use disc that came with mother's pc.

However.......the more I think about the time it's gonna take to copy all the data that I want to save.........I'm leaning more towards getting another HD and add it to system......Arma stuff has almost filled this one up already and the "end" isnt even in sight.

I guess I could pickup a thumb drive dohicky or two........copy all data to those..............do a fresh XP install/format AND add a second HD..........probably would be the best thing to do.

Edit :................If My memory serves me correctly,the xp recovery disc that I have DOES NOT have SP1 on it........yeah it's that old.....kinda like some of us here :)-

Leaving for now ,scratching my head,trying to make up my mind.

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Mailed the package this morning Clay. The file included is SP3 and all previous updates for Windows XP.

Yeah sounds like an additional HD is what you need and no better time then while you are doing a fresh install of Windows. Not up on it as I have never added a HD.

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