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Campaign Kit Won't Show Up


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Hello everyone, I need a little help.

I'm making a sniper campaign and there will be a custom-made specialist in it. This specialist has a custom-made sniper kit.

I know I've got everything set up correctly, because the custom kit I made works perfectly in multiplayer. I just don't know how to make it show up in the screen where you choose your team and weapons in campaign. What needs to be done for it to show up??

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That's the problem! To show up in campaign mode your custom kit must be in one of the four standard kit folders of your mod folder:





In your case it would be the sniper folder. Then your new kit will appear besides all the standard sniper rifles.

The other solution would be you're creating a new order like "custom-sniper" but then you have to rename ALL the actor files. I don't recommend that.

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Twiller is on the right track. However if you are trying to assign a kit to a specialist the kit you are assigning should be in : \your mod\Kits\hero folder and then in the subfolder of your hero's name

Also, the specialist's actor file must have the kit path line showing the correct location.

For example:

Specialist Actor file in:\your mod\Actor\hero folder

<FolderName>specialist</FolderName> Points at character folder.

<ActorName>Jack Stone</ActorName> you can change this to what you like

<KitPath>hero\jack_stone</KitPath> points at kit folder

It is my experience you must use the name of RSE specialist file to get a custom specialist in game.

Just curious, is your specialist appearing in the platoon setup screen?

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Yes, wombat50's reply refers more to your demand for a specialist's weapons-kit. My method just brings the kit for all "normal" soldiers.

And of course don't forget to unlock your hero in the mission file. Otherwise the hero and so the kit will not show up.

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