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OK, can anyone tell me if I have this right? When I start CoH, I get the Opposing Forces splash screen and when I get to the game menu, it shows me 6 missions, 3 of which are locked. That's cool, but what I want to know is does CoH start at Normandy or is that is part of the expansion pack? Here are the missions I have:

Invasion of Normandy

Operation Market Garden

Liberation of Caen

Locked missions are:

Tiger Ace


Falaise Pocket

Which are from the original and which are from Opposing Forces?

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It confuses me too.

Say you had CoH orig. only, then patched it, when you restart the main menu would be the Opposing forces main menu, but the opposing forces campaign and multiplayer extras would not be available.

I know that doesn't answer your question, but yes it is a bit confusing.

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The SP campaigns for each of the games are

Company of Heroes

* D-Day

* Battle of Carentan

* Battle of Cherbourg

* Operation Cobra

* Operation Lüttich

* Falaise Pocket

Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts

British 2nd Army (Chapter 1: Liberation of Caen)

* D-Day +1

* Operation Epsom

* Operation Windsor

* Operation Jupiter

* Operation Charnwood

* Operation Goodwood

Panzer Elite (Chapter 2: Operation Market Garden)

* Wolfheze

* Oosterbeek

* Hell's Highway

* Cleaning up

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

* First episode "Tiger Ace"

* Second episode "Causeway"

* Third Episode "Falaise Pocket"

Did you buy Tales of Valor ? as it sounds like you haven't entered the ToV CD-Key to unlock it/them.

Invasion of Normandy = the start of the COH campaign

Operation Market Garden + Liberation of Caen = The start of each of the two CoH: OF campaign "Chapters"

Tiger Ace, Causeway, Falaise Pocket = The three COH: ToV "episodes"

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