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Sparta Domination - Human OPFOR Commander

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The scripters at Sparta have been modifying Domination for a long time now and they have come up with a fresh new approach which is working well.

Up to 3 players can play in the OPFOR with one of them having command of all vcl and ai units and can also call and Arty strike every 10 minutes or so.

The other 2 plus Commander can kit themselves out with any weapons they like and provide communication to Commander about where attacks may be coming in etc.

It is a brilliant addition to Domination as the human element makes it alot more difficult for the Blue forces to predict how the village will be defended.

I commanded myself today and managed to stave off attacks for over 2 hours on one village, Rogovo.

I highly recommend it for those who enjoy Arma2 and want a nice and much more difficult change from regular Dom.

Adds a new dimension to CQB to rather then fighting prone AI as Blue team, you have to be ready for human v human cqb action,


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for those of you that are used to playing stock Domination the human element takes it to a new level.

twice now i have hosted as Opfor Commanders controlling AI infantry and vcl with 2 human spotters supporting me and calling out Bluefor location.

we held the AOs for over 2 hours on both occasions.

just brilliant gameplay whether you are attacking or defending.

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