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help: convert Flash file to file playable to iPod Touch

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So I guess Adobe Flash is not allowed yet on iPod Touch

I have a learning module that is presented as a Flash file/movie with pause/play/forward/reverse functionality.

Is there a way for me to:

1) download this entire file

2) convert it to a file that plays on my iPod Touch (maybe MOV file?)

I already ordered a CD-ROM version, but may take weeks to arrive, but I want to carry it around already, so I can watch and listen to the class module.

I have a total of 12-15 module I have to go thru for the next 6-7 months.

advance thanks

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You can download most YouTube videos as mp4 files that should play on your iPod.

There are quite a few websites around that you just enter the url and hit download like this one:


QuickTime .mov files do NOT play on the iPod and you will need to use something like Quicktime Pro to covert them to .m4v files if I'm not mistaken.

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No need for an expensive video editing suite just to transcode video - use something like Handbrake or WinFF. (I'd recommend Handbrake, as it comes with presets for things like iPods and it's generally easier to use without having to know what all the options do.)

- Gache

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