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Weekend Steam Sale: 75% off all CoH games

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75% Off All Company of Heroes Games - This Weekend Only!

*Company of Heroes = £ 2.49

*CoH: Opposing Fronts = £ 2.49

*CoH: Tales of valour = £ 2.49

*Company of Heroes: Gold (Company of Heroes + CoH: Opposing Fronts) =£ 3.74

*Company of Heroes Complete Pack (all three games) = £ 7.49


A great deal for anyone missing one or more of the games or a good reason to just get the complete series together (and no more having to worry about patches)

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Yep, at those prices, definitely a must for anyone who hasn't tried it yet

and for anyone who already has one or more of the retail games, you can use your retail CD-KEYS to unlock the other parts of a steam CoH D/L

As each of the "standalone games" contains the full franchise game code and only the bit(s) you own are "unlocked".

EG buy "CoH:ToV on steam and then enter your CoH and CoH:OF retail keys to unlock those parts of the game too

or at that price can just buy the complete pack on steam and then have any original retail CD-keys you can use on a Laptop for SP when away or on another PC in a LAN for some local house MP fun Etc..

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If you kicked yourself for missing out on this deal last time........

It is back again for this weekend

Buy Company of Heroes Complete Pack

Includes 3 items: Company of Heroes, Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor

75% off = £ 7.49 (Instead of £ 29.97)


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