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[extracting maps from mods]


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I have been playing the [Ghost Recon] as well as Desert Seige and Island Thunder for some time and I have just gotten it into my head to build a campaign. My problem is this...

I have downloaded a ton of various mods and maps and there are quite a few maps that I would love to use but I don't want any interested gamers to download a ton of mods just to play the campaign. What I would like to know is how to extract the maps that I want to use so I can build my campaign?

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If you intend to release any work done by someone else to the community, you are going to need to get permission from the mod/map maker (unless the readme for the mod specifically says it’s ok to use so long as you credit the maker in your readme)

It depends on what maps you want to use, as some will be easier than others, some In a mod will share objects and some may have lots of extra things “embedded” on them

Best way is to look through existing mods (particularly single map only ones) and see the folder layout and learn what each is for, read through forums and try “importing” a couple of maps into a test mod and see what errors about “missing files” you get as that’s stuff you also need.

It’s ok to test just for your own use but you will need to ensure you have permission for anything you release publicly, and it’s better to have permission first before you do too much work and then find you cant contact the maker or worst case they don’t give permission.

You also might want to look around and see if there are any existing map packs (or large mods) that may already contain several of the maps you want to use already packed (just with a few extra maps you “don’t need” or may be able to work into the story) That way you may only need a couple of “required mods” and you might gain the advantage of being able to also use weapons/characters from those activated mods in your missions

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Something to get you started, then we can go through how to extract what you need. Though you may want to change you ideas on which things to use after trying to contact such people. As a note, if you contact someone, ask them if there are any extra files that the maps require, like dynamic damaged models etc.

Blood Oil:

NATSANWA'S SCAR PACK Check readme, permission to use, give credits as always.



Prozac M4 SOPMOD MOD Check readme, permission to use, give credits as always.



Bigbluesoul BO01 Gas Plant / BO10 Riverside

contact http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showuser=14291


Cobaka BO04 Waterfall / BO09 Fishing Village

Last Active 28th February 2009


Tinker BO02/BO03/BO05/BO06/BO07/BO08 And Save Santa Map

No permissions needed for those.


Punisher Map Pack

Permission was given to use these maps in your mods, give credits as always.

contact http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showuser=8715



I do not believe this site would support your mod if it has any of the SOAF maps included in it.



contact http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php?showuser=5171


Looking in my crystal ball, I would say drop Centcom and SOAF.


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Okay, I think I have a pretty good idea on what I want to use but I'll give a better explanation on the campaign.

Title: American Resistance

Story: Due to political backstabbing, the American sovereignty has been dissolved in favor of forming a North American Union with Canada and Mexico. With a civilian resistance movement, the Ghosts must fight another war in their own homeland to retain America's independance.

Heroes: Ghosts and Civilian Resistance agents

The weapons I want to add on are the C4 and door breach charges from Centcom while the maps I want to use are the stock maps for the larger battles while the modded maps I can use are

Blood Oil:

Bo 06

Bo 08 ( I love that hotel map!)

The Save Santa 3 map

Punisher Mappack:

Ocean City



Lake Retreat





Jungle Camp

Ski Slope

That's my map list so far unless I misunderstood Tinker but I want to use a mixture of Ghosts and Civilians as the heros while the Civilian Resistance is comprised of civilians ranging from the standard civilians to teenagers (both male and female).

Most of the action is going to be small strikes and other Resistance tactics mixed with larger battles.

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Can you confirm which maps from Blood oil you require? bo08 is the camp map, but you have noted the hotel. I can pack up the required items soon as some final changes have been done (maybe a week or so) and include SS3 map, and that should give you your mod folders all set up for compiling the rest from there.

Other note is the map pack by Punisher were primary TvT maps. They are not set up correct for SP/Coop. But this does not mean they will not work, you just have to script and plan the AI around them.

Feel free to send a PM if you like.

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Thanks Tinker, I'll send you a PM. At the moment, I'll be studying each and every mod I have in search of any other maps that look like their somewhere in North America. I am intending for the campaign to be for single player. The Hotel map in Blood Oil that I was looking at I was thinking of making the scene of an assassination/espionage mission.

But as I said before, I have the general ideas but I am a complete noob at using IGOR. I can make the actors and vehicles move but it's the scripting and objective completion I'm having trouble with at the moment. I just made a test level but the enemy tank still guns down its own men as well as the Ghosts so you can imagine the level I'm at in learning IGOR.

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things to remember about tanks...each one constitutes its own platoon, but don't try and script platoon commands...

A TANK WILL GUN DOWN ITS OWN COMPANY MEMBERS....for instance...you are in a building and the tangos are trying to get in...if a tank of theirs is guarding the door it will continue firing at the door(mg or main gun if thats available) regardless of their entering the kill zone if it is aware of your presence inside...so they die from friendly fire...

mig :ph34r:

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