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Questions about Parabellum's Physics and Damage Model Tutorial


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Parabellum's tutorial was really helpful in making me understand the game's damage model and velocity formulas but there are a few of his explanations that I could never understand on my own.


Velocity at x range (in meters), where I use 100 for rifles, 200 for sniper rifles, 50 for sub-machine guns, and 25 for handguns

Exactly what is the value being used in 'x range'? Is it the same value you put in the weapon's 'Max Range'?

One other thing: How would you know what the actual velocity of the bullet at that given range is? Is there an existing real life document somewhere that has recorded the velocity of each and every ammo type at certain distances?


Damage Table

Find the appropriate chance of wounding from a center-mass hit at the muzzle on the left, and look to the total damage value on the right.

I'm sorry if this may sound incredibly stupid but I just can't understand what the idea being expressed by the sentence above is. Would someone be so kind as to explain/rephrase it for me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. :)

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