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Vehicle Question...


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So I have a model in .pob format, and I want to make it into a vehicle so I can add it to a map in Igor multiple times.

I used the Vehicle Editor in Igor to make a new .vcl file in my Actor folder of my mod folder. It uses the .pob model and I wasn't sure what type of vehicle to make it so I left it at humvee.

I placed it in my map in Igor like any other vehicle, but when I try to load my mission in GR I get a CTD. I know its possible, I've seen it done before, just not sure what I'm doing wrong.

Does anyone know how to make this work?

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You have a vehical in .POB ? was it exported from max? if so was it exported with the correct helper points ? and correct Igor 2d and 3d settings that are set with in the Igor map editer in MAX?

TBH the biggest cause of CTD's with vehicals is incorrect group names and helper point :wall: there always the first thing i check when i get a problem :unsure: Unless you know it was workoing in game before? then i will leave one of the scripters to help you :thumbsup:

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Thank you both, but i think I wasn't clear enough before.

I don't have a vehicle, I have a 3D object, a gas pump specifically, in .pob format.

I've seen people make things like crates into vehicles so they can be placed freely in a mission in Igor.

I want to do this with the gas pump model from the Origmis folder.

Does anyone know how I'd go about getting that to work?

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You still need to tag it as a vehicle to do this. The site Phlookian has posted is the best for info on how to. So it would not have any wheels, but it would have the helper points were they would of been. I would go for it as a truck or jeep, without a certain naming type, it would have no noise, but you could add a damage model to it after.

The 3d object must be tagged up as a vehicle, then exported as a .pob for game. You would only require ^seat0 to make it work.

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What version of 3ds max do you have?

If it's v5 then I can send you a file of a placeable object as a reference


OK, I just found the file you're working with (gaspump.pob)

A couple of things here:

Firstly, the model you are looking at is not a vehicle, it is a damaged model of a dynamic object. Dyn objects are part of a map (like the cars in the embassy map), if you destroy them, they are swapped out and replaced with a damaged version.

Although vehicles and damaged models (and fixed weapons) are all .pobs. they are not the same animal and are tagged differently.

Secondly, the exporting process from 3dsmax to RSE filetypes cannot be reversed (you cannot open up a .pob in 3dsmax and change the tags)

If you want to experiment with making a placeable object (i.e. a vehicle pretending to be something else), i suggest you open up the demo map (its on one of the GR discs) and remove a table or a barrel or something and start with that.

Once you have mastered the tagging, maybe have a go at something of your own.

One thing to remember with placeables is that the engine creates a perimeter around the object in a rectangular shape, don't try to create something that you want to enter (like a tent or crescent shaped sandbag emplacement) as you will be kept outside of it.

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