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im back...for a strange question...


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Hello everyone.

Finally im back on Ghost Recon, in the modding community.

But this time, not for virtual modding, but for a "real" one. But let me explain...

It's a couple of years that i play airsoft, and some players enjoy trying to build themselves some rifles, MGs, etc that havent been made yet. In these days, a user asked for some draws of a Browning M2, so I asked myself: "what about asking some of those modders?"

We would like to use a 3d model to make some measurements and, helped by other photos and so, trying to make a copy the more realistic possible.

So, any of you would like to share his browning model, to allow us to make that custom airsoft machine gun?

here's the thread, i'm sorry it's only in italian.


I'm sure that anyone willing to help will feel fine on the site, some on the forum should speak english better than me ;)

And here's a pic of "those sunday soldiers" which i belong to (but don't worry, luckyly its only a game :D )

Link To Large Image *

I am the ugly guy, the second from the left :ph34r:

* [staff Edit: - Please keep pictures to 500 pixels wide] :thumbsup:

Done John, sorry about that...added black square on faces for privacy reasons


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