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BF: BC 2 - PC Beta Update (No mod tools + No SADS)


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BFBC2 PC Beta Update

As promised here is the PC Blog on the Beta & a few other things, yes some people, places, and things may have leaked a little something, but we are here to clarify everything and make it all official since we can now commit to the listed dates! :-)

BETA Details:

Beta Begins/Ends: Jan 28th/Feb 25th

Map Name: Port Valdez

Players: 32

Game Mode: Rush

Environment: Snow

Theme: Vehicle and Infantry

Back Story: The battle for Port Valdez is fought alongside the waterline towards a great oil industrial landscape in the Alaskan mountains. Using basically everything they've got the Russian forces are launching an airborne assault to knock out the oil industries in the area. In their arsenal there are Main Battle Tanks as well as fast-moving Quad Bikes and mobile armored AA. It's a vehicle focused battle, but with plenty of infantry combat.

How to Download: Check back to the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta Page closer to beta launch date for download instructions.

How To Get Access: Reserve Battlefield Bad Company 2 is the most sure fire way, but we are still working with Retailers & e-Tailers that wish to participate (it's up to them). If you're eager to ensure you get in the two confirmed distributors to Pre-Order are the EA Store and at GameStop.com. We'll have another Blog at a later date with an update on the retailers & e-Tailers that have teamed up with us as well as alternate channels to obtain a Closed Beta Key.

Misc. Details

Steam Beta: Yes there was a leaked image of a Package file we propped on Steam. People with illegal accounts can see games in this environment, but this is not a Beta in the term of Public Test Beta, but a real development Beta installer client for the Steam version of the full game. We are however working with Steam to have the Public PC Beta available on Steam, but can't confirm this quite yet so cross your fingers Steam users. :-)

Anti Cheat: We're going with PunkBuster supporting the same options BF2 and BF2142 had to run unranked without PunkBuster.

Mod Tools: There will not be mod tools for BFBC2. However a majority of the the games logic is controlled by the server and there will be Serverside control options for the dedicated servers.

Public Server Files: We will not distribute these publicly. There are many factors for why we have decided this with the biggest factor being security & integrity of our game & Dedicated Servers.

So no mod tools, and if you want a dedi server, you got to rent it from them.


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Yes I have been Playing it on xp32.

It is a cross between CoD4 And BF2 Northern Strike, The Equip is Todays standards with no Space stuff.

There is only one map at current time so it gets old quick, It's a runner but looks like you can work better as a team.

Gfx looks ok with no lag on my system.




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For my opinion this game will be a blast

I can't wait the final released in march 2nd.

I was always and still a big fan of Battlefield 2 but this game brings a hole new dimensions and experience to the gaming communauty.

I have unlock all characters to their limits because I think they put 100000000 points to reached next unlock is a bit to much and it is not realistic...they will certainly change that amount when the game will be released.I think they made that just because they don't want the beta guys to have all kits unlock before the games is released.

No place to hide anymore,tanks are more realistic if you campare them to BF2 which they can be destroyed very easily by a chopper...well and 1 tank +1apc for the attackers at 4 levels and 1 AA at second and third part of the map for the defenders.

You can called mortar strke at will if you unlock the sniper lens this is fun but it took a few seconds to load.You have also the laser gun that you can unlock for all characters which is very useful to marked vehicles but it is quite difficult to hit a chopper whit.

The game as some graphics bugs with all that shine is like waters,windows and when you aim with certain guns especially the PKM...its flashing all the time.

I have only ezperience lag once on a server very near me which the ping was like 5 but with pings of 50-120 no lag at all 50-85 fps all max except shadows at low and AA at 1.

Steam did the things wright this time cause I don't have any issues with it and I use windows 7.

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