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Good/Cheap Host in US to GRAW/GRAW2?

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Hey, we were since that time at ArtOfWarCentral (http://artofwarcentral.com/Graw-servers.asp) which have GREAT prices and HAD an amazing service.

Over a month ago they changed the servers to Win2008 and simply our both GRAW and GRAW2 servers are unplayable. The servers ALWAYS crash after few minutes online.

The configs are 100% FINE! and was working in the other machine and works here at home.

We are now looking for another game hosting that can host GRAW and GRAW2 servers, those above only host GRAW2 servers unfortunatelly. :(

Any idea about another hosting service?


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hey hey,

i cant say anything to the us hosts, cause i had my server in germany, but my host at that time had also big trouble with the win server 2008 and graw.

it seems that graw can't work proper with that OS, my host had the graw server running on an older machine with server 2003.

just to let you know that you are not alone with that 2008 crash. :wall:

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