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Red Storm Rising 12-mission campaign

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I've put together an old idea of mine (finally got time to finish it) for a GR mod that I've been working on for a long time. It is a 12-mission sp/co-op campaign based on Tom Clancy's novel Red Storm Rising. It's a WWIII scenario set in Cold-War Europe in 1989. The missions are all adapted from events that occur in the novel. Reading the book is not a necessity, but I hope that playing this campaign will entice some to do so... it is an awesome read. It requires DS, IT, and the Heroes Unleashed mod by Apex.

You play the game in three different theaters, with three separate skins: in East/West Germany as an elite German Landwehr anti-tank team; in the same region as US Armored Cav infantry; and in Iceland as US Marines. In all three, you are battling the Soviet Red Army. The weapons available are all period-based as far as I could research. Watch the intro movie for more details, and read each mission briefing for more information.

I've used the following mods to piece together the campaign:

Mission scripting - Variable13

Heroes Unleashed - ApexMods

HH Airport map - H-Hour

Pond map (day) - Cobaka

Airbase day map - james

Winter Mountain Valley map - Bludawg

SOFLAM kits - thales100

SWAT actors - Chems

German actors - DOG-ZEBRA

Marines - Sixpence

French actors - Petitjean & Froggy

British actors - Sixpence

SPETZNAZ actors - Ingeloop

civy truck - Tinker

hostages - MONOLITH and BajaBravo

Scorpion - Hammer

FAMAS, G3, AUG weps - Bajabravo

Credit must be given to these modders, and I hope I've asked/read/obtained permission from them or from their own mod read-me's.

Before I release it, I'd like to have a few people beta-test it by playing through the thing. I've done so myself, and with my brothers in co-op mode, but we are biased and might miss some obvious things.

Send me a pm and I will send you a filefront link for the zip file. I have to upload it some time this weekend, but by then hopefully some will be interested.


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Appetizer intro:  

Kudos Apex. That's allot of working making it a stand alone.

I got GR up and running (thanks, Apex!) and played the first mission.  There is a group of tangos in the far NE corner of the map that seem to not want to go anywhere, so I will check their path and t

I love Red Storm Rising. Cant wait to give this a go.

I intend to make a modern day version mod of the book using the main plot themes in the next few months. Got the main story sorted and most mission objectives.

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Don't you just LOVE IT when presents like this just drop out of nowhere. :D I really dig the book tie in too, it's exactly the sort of thing I would do if I were a modder.

Thanks mate, PM incoming!

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I am having a few issues with either zipping the mod or uploading it to FileFront, so as soon as I work these out, I will be sending the link to those of you who pm'ed me. Thanks for the interest, I hope I can get all the little bugs out fast!

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I've had a few requests to make this a stand-alone mod, but I just can't. It is too well-integrated into Heroes Unleashed, and even if I did, it in itself would be huge in size. I just don't have the time and patience to surgically extract it from all the aspects of HU that it uses.

If someone else has the skill, time, and patience to do so, by all means go for it!

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I may have been one of the people you're talking about, but that's not what I meant. I think it's a great way to release. I'm just always juggling hard drive space so I can't keep it on my computer all the time.

My first reaction to HU was that it should serve precisely this purpose: a "base" upon which mods could be built so that there's less to distribute. Each modder could construct a custom mission pack/campaign which used just those components they wanted and trust that people already had HU installed. Any new content could simply be added on top.

I think it's a great way to release, it's just a shame Apex disappeared. I considered structuring the mod I'm working at the moment in this way, but in the end I was drawing less on HU than I expected so I didn't bother.

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oh i see - he added stuff to the HU mod instead of his own mod with HU activated.

yes v tricky

Not quiet, his mod just requires HU. Red Storm Rising comes in at 471MB alone. ;) He has simply used HU as a base to go from, because it contains all the things needed already. HU is perfect for this to use as a base. Contains all sorts of great stuff. As said, if he had gone for a stand alone mod, it would of been huge, for no reason. Generally assuming, most people have HU already on there hard drives.


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Anyone have comments/suggestions/issues about the mod's game-play so far?

Recently, I've made some scripting changes to a few missions, and also discovered that the .env file for the first mission had the spotting distance way out there (like 300 yds!), so that issue still exists in the beta but will not in the new release. I couldn't believe I was getting sniped from so far away! :wall: I've also upped the difficulty for a few of the final missions, but shouldn't be anything unrealistic. I also think there may be some redundant files hanging around, so the final version might be a bit smaller in size.

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I just finished Red Storm Rising last night and it was a ###### for me to get through. The most frustrating ones for me was Red Dawn and Travels. The one part about this campaign that I disliked was the Heroes Unleashed having to be a part of it because I hate having my enemies being able to spot me from five miles away.

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When I designed the mod, I knew it would have been too big as a stand-alone, since it uses a number of new maps, characters, sounds, vehicles, etc. It was just more convenient from a modding standpoint to base it off of HE.

As for the spotting distances, I made the game play a bit more realistic - if you can see them, they can see you. This was especially true in Iceland - the barren, rocky terrain made movement a b!tch for the Marines, Edwards, and Vigdis. Just sticking to the novel's realism, that's all.

Of course, mission 1 did have a spotting distance issue, which I did resolve - if you think there is another mission suffering from this issue, let me know and I will look into it.

Good to know you finished the mod!

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The one part about this campaign that I disliked was the Heroes Unleashed having to be a part of it because I hate having my enemies being able to spot me from five miles away.

As for the spotting distances, I made the game play a bit more realistic - if you can see them, they can see you.

The problem with this, is they are being told by the engine they can see you, when sometimes it is not possible. A direct line of sight between some woods, bushes, they end up seeing you before you can see them. Something I tried at first with Blood Oil, but was impossible to play. I don`t personnally have any issues with it, just putting that out.

Did you make the Heroes Unleashed mod as well? I've been wondering where I could find a few of the maps used in that.

I did say last time you asked about maps, send a PM, I`ll get you updated with what maps you would be able to get your hands on in general, np. As BO is finished, I can pack those that you were interested up too.

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And I'm still working on the general storyline and researching various maps and other items that would make the campaign interesting. I'll keep you updated, Tinker. (Never really realised exactly how much work goes into making mods and campaigns- you vets have my respect! *tips the metaphorical hat*

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