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Plugin Trouble


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Hello, allow me to start this with a big apology if this is in the wrong section. As this topic seemed a bit general and not specific to any of the other sections, I thought I'd post it here.

There is a plugin for Photoshop that allows modders to edit and save in .rsb format. As I am only 15 years of age, I have a very low budget and am unable to buy Photoshop. There is a freeware program out there that in my opinion is exactly like Photoshop. I have this program and its called GIMP. I was wondering if there was any way to make such a plugin for this program, as the Photoshop plugin does not work for GIMP.

If anyone has information or input regarding this please let me know, I'm new to GR modding and really want to contribute to the community. The only thing preventing me from doing so is my lack of funds for programs like Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.

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First of all welcome to the site

Regarding your question GIMP won't work with Ghost Recon because the plug-ins are made for Photo Shop

Like P said in the other thread the only way to mod in Ghost Recon is with:

3ds Max versions 3.x, 4.x and 5.x at the 3d Level

Photoshop or Pain Shop Pro for texture work

now with that been said 3ds max is a difficult program to master in the beggining but with practise

you will get better down the road.....you can get the book 3ds max for dummies quite cheap and the

book (ask the seller) will include the disc with 3ds max 5...what I suggest is to try the program

to see if you are going to like to mod for the game then you can go to the next level which is

look for the full version of max. I saw a thread on the map section of this site from a guy that

got 3ds max quite cheap from Ebay...he asked for the program in the want it now section of Ebay

and got the program used quite cheap for less than $50.00 because the program is quite old now

I believe any version of Photoshop will work but don't quote me on that one

PS: what OS are you running in your computer???? I'm asking because 3ds Max only works on Windows XP

so Vista and W7 are no, no here....I'm running max version 5 on windows 7 but I have the program in

my virtual Windows XP under 7 tha't the only way with Vista and Window 7

Good Luck in your quest and again Welcome

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The RSB plugin works with Paint Shop Pro. I am 99% certain that old versions of Paint Shop Pro are available for free download now, I'll see ifI can find it.



Sorry I do not have time to try these out myself, but give them a go and let us know.

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Thanks guys, you have been most helpful. I was able to get Paint Shop Pro X for free this weekend. Texturing seems rather simple and there are many tutorials out there, so I'll try my hand at that.

I'll continue to look for 3dsMax on the internet. I'm sure I'll find it within my price range eventually.

As for my system, I'm running Windows XP on a Dell laptop with all my Ghost Recon modding files saved to a 250 GB external hard-drive. :rocky:

Thanks again!! :thumbsup:

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You can download Autodesk 3D Max or MAYA (much better, I use it on STALKER) for "30 days FREE Trial" and you can get the plug-ins, too. Before installing, though, go through the instructions and other support documentation, so that once you've installed it, you won't be losing time with the learning curve, so utilizing the most of the 30 days.




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