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blackhawk pickup and fly around with player


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Well guys,

I figured it out, like radiator player in coop can be picked up and carried around the map to fight from the air with the help of the heli crew, and if your killed it will return to the spawn point and pick you up,

so you can keep fighting. The blackhawk triggers all locations of the map and you get to watch while the AI walks through mine fields and gets blown up....... lol

I'm working on a video of it right now

I love this game..... it sure beats modding GTA and I've been doing mods for all GTA versions for years.

Well got to get back to it, thought I'de drop a line to let ya'll know how i'm doing

thanks...........Video coming soon

daddy356 aka Donald :D

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Hi daddy356,

Well done for sorting it out, once you have it working it's a fairly simple bit of code, I have spent many hours working with vehicles but they do have other issues.

Have you tried your mission on a dedicated server, the Blackhawk has a known bug when using them with this type of server, from past experience I have found that landing a blackhawk will crash a dedicated server 9 times out of 10, this can even happen when hovering the heli at ground level.

For that reason I do not use the blackhawk in co-op missions, they will work fine on a Lan server but using them on a dedi is asking for trouble as many players use this type of server.

Hope this helps,


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Ditto that, looking forward to seeing the vid.

You can always do what I did in my Combat Dawn mission, that is make a lone wolf version of your mission and state in the description that the SP version is meant for one player only using a Lan server.

You can then have a multiplayer version without the blackhawk but include it in the lone wolf version. :D

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Thanks John,

I do have 4 computers and I have them networked, I run a dedicated server on

one of them in order to test the missions I build and your right.

Why can't we get a hold of Grin ? I know he can right a code to fix those problems

or better yet lets try to make a new game mode. Cause with all our brains we can work it out.

And with the new game mode you can include in the world info file weather it's

coop or coop2, so then there will be three game modes:

1..... coop

2..... coop2

3...... campaign

But with coop2 it will combine coop and campaign together.

Just a thought............lets try

ps..... how do I add a video?


daddy356 :hmm:

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For anyone who doesn't know where that is, click here.

Great movies Donald, this looks very cool for GRAW2 if mission modders get into this. Watching the AI blow them selves up on land mines was kinda unsettling but entertaining at the same time :lol:

Great work!

A word of warning though, vimeo deletes game movies.

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Hello Rocky,

Thanks man, any suggestions on another video site to use?

I would change it how about youtube?

oh yea, they did come to our country to fight us, so they should have to walk through our mine fields to get us......right?

Thanks again

daddy356 w00t

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Thanks man, any suggestions on another video site to use?

I would change it how about youtube?

Since they started deleting my game movies I have been using youtube, especially as youtube does Higher Resolution movies now. Try and encode at 1280x720 resolution and upload that, it'll playback in full screen on youtube and look good. If you have the h.264 codec use that, or divx or xvid if not :thumbsup:

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Thanks Rocky,

I'll do that, and see how it turns out.

I have to use fraps to capture and windows movie maker to encode to the smaller size, but I can try to use dvix to encode. thanks again for the info bro, talk to ya later

Now checkout the AI Mines Video, It looks much better.

Why Can't Someone get ahold of Grin_Wolfsong and ask him if he would fix the issue

with the blackhawk in the dedicated server, I'm sure it's just a fix to the dedicated.dxe

and the dedicatedstates.dxe, I am trying to reright them with my hex editor.

So when I get it done I will offer it in a patch form.

I just know he could do it much faster.

daddy356 :hmm:

Edited by daddy356
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  • 3 weeks later...

Hi Guys, long time no chat :)

Well done on the videos...and great use of the wiki. Excellent to see people keeping it up to date. Keep it up.

The minefield blowing up the enemy is a classic. I was hoping someone would do that....I had a vision of the ghosts holding back as a stream of enemy came through a minefield at them...some would make it, most not!

Feel free to PM Wolfsong and ask him if he has anything that can help or can mod. the dxe. When I last PM's him ( a few months ago) he thought he had some old tools on a PC somewhere and was going to see what he could share...but I did not hear back from him.

I have tried to mod. dxe's with a hex editor and have had only limited success...Be great if you could crack it!

Oh, and wrt. Vimeo, I know they have a policy to remove game videos, but I have never had any of my videos removed...I think it's more for the run and gun vid's. - ours are more educational :)

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Yo's Davros

Thanks man, I posted another topic .....called teleporting AI

I even have the mines coming back after they blow up they come back over and over again.

I also have a tool I constructed from notepad and set it up with script language,

like .xml , java , c++ , c# , and all kinds of other ones.

It really helps with the .dxe and .xmb files , so I will be writing

new ones as I update some of the xml files in the game. right now I'm working on the blackhawk

and I'm looking to see what the problem is when it is used in a dedicated server.

Ok, back to the grind..........

daddy356 AKA Donald :hmm:

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