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This being my home I though I would post here for my last time. I want to say bye to all you members and staff out there. This is a nice forum you guys have. Certain people that I cant stand jus get on my nerves too much and I cant stand it LOL ROLMFAO!

I want to leave with a few helpful links.

If you ever have a program that wont run because it is missing a certain dll files here is where to go:


Need graphics drivers and Utilities? (Top Right hand corner)


If you want to know whether a internet retail site is any good this place helps:


And lastly, if you cant figure out your problem here with the help of the fine members of the GR community these sites will get ya most likely:

www.arstechnica.com (Left hand side go to OpenForums)


Peace out guys and gals

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Stinger I don't know why you're leaving but it's too bad you are. There are jerks just about everywhere you go in life, it's usually best to ignore them or pop 'em in the face! Unfortunately it's impossible to beat the crap out of someone online. Hopefully you'll reconsider tho. Plus thanks for those links, i was indeed missing a dll file, problem solved. ;)

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