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"Ghost Recon: Future Soldier" Trademarked


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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Ubisoft have applied for trademark "Ghost Recon : Future Soldier", which sounds more like a Ghost Recon title than the previously uncovered Ghost Recon Predator.

Info site superannuation uncovered this nugget of information today and it'll no doubt lead to more speculation as to what exactly Ubisoft has in store for Ghost Recon 4, not least because the trademark was only filed this week, which might cast doubt on whether it is for the shortly to be released Ghost Recon 4, or indeed a later title.

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They should just reboot like all the movies have, get rid of this stupid Mitchell timeline stuff. How they latched on to this future crap I'll never know. Did the first GR even have that much future-tech in it? The OICW seemed to be the only thing I can remember, and GR2 had a few solo missions with the cam-gun. Aside from the date, everything else was grounded in reality. Get ready for laser guns boys and girls.

Ghost Recon: Predator at least sounded cool, though, that could be something seperate all together.

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I am just Glad Clancy and UBISoft got off their butts and created somthing great to play again. I own every Ghost Recon game for the Xbox and 360 they have put out and its been too long since their last game. We don't want Hawx or End War they were a waste of valuable time that should have been spent on Ghost Recon and a new Rainbox Six game. It would be great to go back to the Ghost format and stay away from the GRAW format....can we see some new weapons...it would be nice to heal a teamate...be able to drive a vehicle too...I can't wait to see a release date and start the chatter of the new games coming our way.

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Could be a more serious effort as in Future Soldier? "Future Soldier is the overall name given to a multi-nation military project by the United States and its allies launched in the late 1990s. Future Soldier is also name of the major international military exhibition for NATO and Partnership for Peace members."

But on a pessimistic note it does sound a bit more like 2057: Future Soldier to me. "By 2057, soldiers will deploy with flexible full-body armor and "invisibility cloaks.""

Well, as was put ... we should be inherently happy that another Ghost Recon game is coming.

As for vehicles, I hope that they don't enable this option. Not because it would not be nice but because I would rather have a less complex but very satisfactory experience. As great as Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising is (and it really is imho) it just shows that enabling helicopters and vehicles comes with a compromise.

Maybe the Future Soldier is now finally able to say "Beam me up Scotty"! ;-)

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I'm cool with the whole future tech thing (though I fully understand why othere aren't). "Real" tech, mind you, not End War style sci-fi stuff.

It's the rest of the game I'm worried about.

EDIT: And by "worried" I mean I don't expect anything but an action shooter.

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I'm cool with the whole future tech thing (though I fully understand why othere aren't). "Real" tech, mind you, not End War style sci-fi stuff.

It's the rest of the game I'm worried about.

EDIT: And by "worried" I mean I don't expect anything but an action shooter.

Im with you on that :thumbsup:

YES to ORIGINAl type game play SP AND MP

No to lazer guns, pules rifiles and reactive camo suites

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(...). Designed to hype up the kiddies.

Hehe. That is just what i thought.

Now my greatest fear about GR4 is that all of the 10 year old flaming kids from Counterstrike and COD will went to the upcoming GR4. Those kids are the reason why i never play COD or CS.

When i think about the titels "Predator" and "Future Soldier" iam just waiting for the 3rd imaginary title "Robocop".

Remember the last scene of GRAW2. Mitchell gets blowed @ the bunker.

I wont wonder if they put Mitchell into a kind of "Robosuit". A 3-point lasersystem as in "Predator" installed on his shoulder and down his stomack he gains "Balls of Steel".

So the new titel makes completely sence to me. :D

Serious. I think UBI wants to make more success and profit with the new GR title than the old ones.

As long as our dear modders will do great missions, i dont care about GR4 anymore.

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Don't worry guys

After official anouncement UBI it's going to say that the PC version is going to be made from the ground up to appeal us and then we are going to see the magic word CANCEL

For me the perfect GR4 is the one that:

1. Ubi Soft in not involved

2. Half of Red Storm is not involved (sorry the company is not what they used to be)

3. No General Martin or his aide

4 No Mitchell or his cousin

5. No ammo crates

6. No UAV

8. No Crosscom

9. No diamonds

10 No future force warrior crap


11. The one that we can go inside of a building

12. Better AI (I own GR2, SS and both Graws and the AI sucks compared to Ghost Recon on PC)

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Nah, you're all missing the point. Future Soldier--as in not one yet. We'll be seeing Mitchell in his youth, learning the basics of warfare in playing "army" with the neighborhood kids, snow forts and snowball fights, progressing to tactical paintball fights, then finally honing his ommand skills on video rts games :lol: .

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I wouldn't be surprised if they continued the trend...

GR1 = Land Warrior (2008)

GR2 = Future Force Warrior, limited use (2011)

GR3 = Future Force Warrior (2013 and 2014)

GR4 = Future Warrior (2020ish)

Now I will say, I had some of my most Ghost Recon like moments playing the first half of Crysis. So if this game is as well exectued as that, I'm not going to complain really. It won't be the "current day" game I really want, but still fun.

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This is really weird.

Ghost Recon is our favorite game. This forum is a discussion about the next instalment of our favorite game. But instead of having a feeling of joy and anticipation, the feeling I get in this forum is one of fear and disgust.

Let's define what is........"The Future"......and how it should be applied to the next Ghost Recon.

For me, I would like to see the next GR reflect the trends in weapons, communications, technology and tactics we are moving toward on the modern battlefield.


No laser guns, invisibility camo or Knight of Mohawk grenades. But a mix of rifles and calibers beyond the standard M16/M4 series of weapons. This includes Sniper rifles and Sub Maachine guns. The more exotic the better. Same for shoulder fired rockets and any other weapon carried by the foot soldier.


GRAW1 and 2 had soldier to soldier communication and the use of aerial views of the battlefield fed from spy birds, satalites and UAV's (wait, that's not the future, they have that now) and should be included in GR4.

GRAW1 and 2 had soldier to Pentagon communication through a personal computer carried by the soldier. We have that now in our tanks and fighting vehicles. If we don't have this already, isn't this the next logical step?

As for the red and blue diamonds, I believe both games gave you the ability to turn them off did they not?


The only real futureistic stuff in Ghost Recon was the OICW and what I call the siesmic sensor. These were items that were suppose to be under development at the time and this idea was eccepted by this community. Have we changed our collective mind about this or should this idea be continued in GR4? I say keep it.

GRAW1 and 2 had the use of bullet resistant flexible body armor. This too was under development at the time but this idea seems to have been rejected by this community. :huh:


I guess this part is pretty much self-evident. New technology gives us the ability to do something we could not do before. When applied to the battlefield, new tactics are devoloped to make the best use of the technology. New technology and tactics should be researched and incorporated into GR4.

I think that the GRAW series got a lot of stuff right and for me the idea of the future when applied to GR is more about the subjects discussed above than about a time-line. As for the Mitchell character........I can take him or leave him.


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5th Special Forces Group - Headquartered at Fort Campbell, Kentucky. 5th SFG has responsibility for the Middle East, Persian Gulf, Central Asia and the Horn of Africa (HOA).

Here is some neat info on the current actions and jobs of the the 5th Special Forces Group.


Will they use more advanced weapons well if you look at the above they will use what is available and that can mean unconventional weapons.

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Old Ghost

I don't mean to sound harsh but you are waching too many documentaries @ discovery channel or movies

These guys are the best of the best, they don't need some General Martin 3000 miles away telling them

every 5 minutes where or what to do (I'm talking real life here)

Regarding Weapons from what I saw in Iraq Special Forces use Army issue weapons m4,m16,m14,spr etc

they have great side arms though btw never saw a Scar but my tour was in 2007-2008

Regarding Future Force Warrior if I have to carry more weight than the current battle rattle I rather take more ammo and frags (again Im talking about RL) and believe me is HEAVY already

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...the feeling I get in this forum is one of fear and disgust...
I read more like dejected resignation.

You mean to say that you thought that the Cypher UAV operating totally invulnerable to -let alone even noticed by- the oposition, the Tac-Maps satellite feed being somehow able -as if by magic- to determine and mark Friend from Foe (complete w/audio), or the MULE being able to be manuevered from infil to extract without triggering the badguys while at the same time not being able to equip/reequip your AI Teammates if you choose were realistic features?

No wonder you're optimistic...as based on recent history and what little Ubisoft has let out on the future direction of the franchise... you can count on more of the same.

Near-future tech is only as good as it is implemented ingame, and with all due respect to the devs of the last two attempts, the gadgets implementation was :AWful.

The devs didn't have to be concerned with friendly AI -either capability or quality- because they have almost zero impact on the mission result in the first place as the player is forced to complete all of the objectives solo ...and the shell game do-dads were thrown in to (temporarily) distract from the lack of overall gameplay. Throw in the predetermined mission concept with its (follow the yellow brick road) simplified level design and they guaranty almost zero replay value.

If you were to look seriously at the :AW series with its character driven plotline as well as the content that they choose to include, you would have to admit that the changes have negatively impacted, completely whiffed at, or totally removed the base gameplay features of old.

Ghost Recon, morphed into a COD/Halo wannabe, is bound to concern a few around here...not that any of this has anything at all to do with Ubi squatting on or is that over? another series descriptor. ;)

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