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GRCM 1.0

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Here are some screenies of the sniper skin I sent in:


edit: somewhere I had been led to believe that angelfire would work for this sort of thing but I have just seen other info to the contrary and I right now don't have any means to check if it is one way or the other. sorry.

Just read that angelfire REALLY does not like remote linking so the links have been removed.

Apparently though I can link to my site so here is the addy:


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Yeah. I can be a pain but with my pushing I got Argyll to come out with his best work yet. At least I think so. :P

But you guys might have your favorites from argyll's work. I especially like the guy with the cap on backwards and the sunglasses (devgru 3). Gonna include him in the community mod as a specialist and available in the multiplayer section.

p.s. we are having some trouble installing the skins in the community mod but Argyll has been gracious enough to help us out by tutoring the mod file assembler (Sgt. Crocodile). Wish us luck! We are working hard.

Has anybody heard from bad_karma? He is the one doing the .gun files but I have not seen hide nor hair of him lately. :huh:

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OMG!!! :o:o

Sorry to hear that! I was beginning to worry. MSN is down for some reason but I am trying to get in touch with you on ICQ. I have your icq number and am awaiting your authorization. I hope you have the contact info for the ftp site so you can go ahead and download the beta again. Those .gun files are very important and are really the heart of this mod. And we really need your help.

The past couple days have been a real pain installing the skins and it has been a real learning process.

Big thanks to Argyll, Streinger, and Ruin for giving Croc and me lessons on how to install skins for standard riflemen.

Please note Bad_karma.......if you are able to download the old beta before croc sends his current update please note that the space on the ftp site is limited. We have to wait on the site owner (300Mag) to delete the old beta to release some space for the current updated beta. So there is the possibility that you might have to instead upload the equip and/or kit folders seperately. But try to get into contact with me before hand.

I will also send a copy of this post to your email. Talk to you later. :)

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