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This is really just a reference mod for a working aimpoint on the saw and shotgun for people that want to put this in their mods. All that's really required is the modded anims folder, the lib folder and weapon.xml is pretty standard, just has the aimpoint as an attachment for both weapons. There are no addtional kits for mp, coop, etc. This is pretty much a stock mod, no new weapons, textures, helmets, etc. The zoom for each weapon uses a different set of anims, since none exist for them, so it might look strange in from a 3rd person perspective, but hopefully not too bad.

It took a while to get replacement anims working on my last mod, and it's just easier to add to them, then try an explain the whole process.






bp aimpoint extra mod - Link

Feel free to add this to your mods, just please provide a little credit in your readme or something for me. On the surface, this appears to be a simple mod, but getting it to work was no easy task when you're just hunting through xmls and long code entries.

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Thanks for responding to my PM's. These will definitely be in my mod. I was running into a roadblock because I had no idea how to do the animations for the zoom in. Once I get these scopes in I'll be able to start working on the kits. BTW, I would love it if you would be able to throw me a bone every so often and explain the process of how to go about creating weapons/weaponsights and getting them in game. I've PM'ed just about everyone I can think of in order to keep people from getting irritated with me and you are the only one who can always give me definitive answers. Thanks so much.



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It's not too complicated, but it is involved. Basically you are just telling the game to use a different animation when it zooms in which is based on whether it's a steelsight(their term), combatsight, or scope. Getting it all setup is kind of a pain, but once it was done, it's fairly easy to try out different things. Figuring it all out was the tricky part. If I find some time to write it down I will explain how to do it.

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