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I can't understand why these Hadrcore GR guys don't try the Friday night tac server, It is not the standard run and gun lone wolf style.

As for the patch well any optimastions(sp?) would be nice but I could care less about more Air assets.

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ArmA II 1.05 has been unleashed, featuring new content, tweaks and fixes. The update is compatible with all previous versions of ArmA II, as well as with the Steam version. Bohemia Interactive continue to improve the ARMA 2 gaming experience with the eagerly awaited update version 1.05 loaded with free content.

* Free bonus campaign Eagle Wing

* Free bonus helicopter addon AH-64D

* New Warfare multiplayer mode When Diplomacy Fails, including 3-sides and support for diplomacy between factions

* Major AI tweaking and balancing (better combat cooperation, better situational awareness, new Suppressive fire command)

* Significant performance improvements, especially in large cities

* Fixed compatibility problems under Windows Vista and Windows 7 x64 with 8 GB and more RAM

* Grass now provides concealment also in distance

* Improved hit detection and damage system

* Improved object visibility and less significant objects popping in distance

* Improved mouse input handling

* Spatial sound improvements

* Automatic launching of user made addons (units, missions etc.) via "pbo" file association with the game

* Possibility to switch between windowed and fullscreen mode at any time in game menus using Alt + Enter or through video options

* Various crash opportunities fixed

* Linux server support added

* New GUI to various dedicated server settings

* New GUI for multiplayer commands

* Enabled commanding during story conversations

* FreeTrack support using FreeTrackClient.dll

* DRM free

* Optional anti-cheat protection


Arma 2: Patch v1.05 Details and Download Mirrors

ARMA 2 1.05.62021 Linux Standalone Server


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Thanks for the heads up on the patch. I have installed it, going to try out the eagle wing soon but i did just try a quick single player mission and not really noticed any difference other than the EW. ArmA 2 with out a doubt needs a minimum of 3GHz dual or quad cpu for average performance, especialy at higher video/resolution settings.

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Ditto on the heads up Tinker. :thumbsup:

I applied it to both my XP and Vista installations (clean) and running a user-made mission prone to generate (graphic related?) CTDs w/v1.04 it has been smooth sailing -V High Pref/ 5000VD/PP disabled.

C2E QX6700, 4GB PC2-8500, 8800GTX


DRM Free. I like not having to spin it but is this a harbinger on any forthcoming support? I can't remember offhand in which revision of ArmA this was offered.

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Unfortunately, we have found two significant bugs in the Eagle Wing bonus campaign.

You can fix it by manually downloading and installing an improved version from http://www.arma2.com/downloads/update/EW_hotfix.zip (65.5 MB).


Copyright © 2009 Bohemia Interactive. All rights reserved.



This bonus campaign hotfix requires any original version of ARMA 2 version 1.05.

Copy included files to addons directory in your Arma 2 main folder (replace the existing files)


- one of the endings did not work properly

- problem with entering vehicles


http://www.gameupdates.org/details.php?id=3921 (Torrent)




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