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Save Santa 3


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Hey I downloaded the mod and played the mission with friends in multiplayer. How come the enemies don't shoot at the person thats the host? I'll go stand right in front of an enemy and they don't shoot at me. This happens on the (mp) mission of Operation Save Santa 3, I played the (sp) mission and that version the enemies shoot at me. Is there something wrong with the (mp) version?

[Edit: Merged with the existing Mod thread - No need to start a separate one]

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:unsure: That would appear to be right, just hosted my own game and walked around the entire map with out getting shot :blink: until i went on to the roof of the Bank , the instant i got there they shot me ??? very strange
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Hi .

ty for have fix so quickly.

I would also request , if is possible to boost up the enemy skills, they are too static and shot only when you are very close and for example the snipers on roof bank is too easy to kill.

in advance Ty.

Colonel {A&O}William_P. Aka Giovanni Meloni (Italy)

Security Detachment, Commanding Officer/ Base Commander Nuraghe

PS this mod is also running on Base Nuraghe IP williamparsons.homeip.net:2346 or in numbers

feel you free to join and have fun!

PPS Merry Christmas

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If you have chance, download and try this new version. Contains more enemy, boosted all enemy up too. Added 4 Tanks that patrol the streets. Rocket pick up can be found on map.

DOWNLOAD Save_Santa_3_MP_X

:<img src=:'> I just tried the mission start :<img src=:'>

Only one words ..... Excellent! :D

I forgot to change the newly added actors from mp2 guys to Russians, have updated the links for this file, pls download new. As it is Xmas, I gave them some extra machine guns too.


Does not effect original mod

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