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Dragon Rising - Nobody online

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I know a lot of people use LAN / Direct IP connect. Myself and a few others only even tried the main server last week for the first time, and have not used it since.

Other issue is the main server do not shows games that are in progress I believe, so no way to know what is going on out there.

I agree it is a fun game to play Coop if you can keep your connection going.

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IF we could play with 8 or more, IF the connections where better, IF there where dedi`s... This Island is fun to play on.

Not sure what the SP people think of this game, reference playing both the Campaign, and playing custom missions. Trying to play Coop, there is a really nice feel to it, but then some things just kill it. Enemy taking too many hits, not even flinching when they are hit is bad. Your clearly hitting them, but they just keep running, or whatever they are doing. Not going into issues...

and the houses void of objects - i just cant get past that - its just unreal.

Yeah that`s a bit weird that no furnishings are even available in the editor. :wacko:

Is this game that unpopular

I don`t think so. It is just not what was expected. If no real mod tools emerge soon, then probably may be true. I do have OFP1, but ashamed to not actually played it. But it obviously seems like the jump from GR to :AW.

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I don't think it is selling very well, my local Game store has MW2 in the top ten somewhere in the middle (MW would still have been at one) and OFPDR wasn't even in top ten. Both of theses are for PC I don't look at the console games.

If they were to release dedi files it would improve sales but to the point it would make there cost worth it compromising there plans for selling DLC I'm no so sure LOL.

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One of the things that bugs me is that you just get into a mission and then the connection is lost :wall: oh and the stupid lines that appear when hitting a target and when you are a certain distance away its seems the enemy has become invincible and will take loads of fire without harming them , I normally give up and go round em. :angry: but I am still amazed that so few are playing online you can go onto the very first COD game servers and still find a healthy amount playing there.

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