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So... I've been told stress is the catalyst of creativity.

What do you think?

This was my first one (ever, not just here):



Total Time: 20 Hours

And we just started this one:


This photo was taken just before we did the first outline. I'll get pics of the actual ink once the second outline is done. The wings extend to my back and to my collarbone. It was a freehand drawing. He took two hours just to draw out the design. The first outline only took an hour and a half. At 3.5 hours total, it's my shortest session ever, haha. We've got at least 4 more sessions to do. It will be shaded and with full color also. I'm also adding a piece on the inside of my bicep to this one too, but that design is still rough.

Inspiration for this arm came from this.

*************UPDATE 29DEC09*************

Alright, here's the progress on my right arm...


***Click for bigger.

I didn't take any pics of the first session. It was just a thin outline to get the design (above) down. The next session we did about a week ago. It was for the thicker outlines and the first step in shading. The next session will happen either in mid-Feb or mid-April (I'll be overseas with family for all of March). That will be the lighter gray shades and start on some color. Final session for this part will complete the color. The next stage will be the piece on my bicep to compliment the sabers and should be done in a session or two easily. As always... pics once it happens.

*************UPDATE 15APR10*************

The eagle is colored...


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Psssshhhht. Try Colonel America! :D I just wanted something I wouldn't be ashamed to show off... ever. And I'll never be ashamed to show my pride for my country... ever. Also, saying that you got the tats in Iraq adds to the "bad ass" factor. :hehe:

KBR is real good about keeping the latrines clean and servicing them daily. It's quite nice. Latrine details suck.

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and this is how it will end:


click pic for Wiki


it's totally bad-ass...I see cover tattoo magazine :thumbsup::thumbsup:

as far as latrine duty, now I know what it means to burn sheet.....

it's all in the hips and shoulders to stir sheets :devil:

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We've got Marines for sheer burning details, no worries there. :) Haha, no we have Oompa Loompas for that (that's what one of our guys has dubbed the Indian/Bangladeshi guys that work here).

I could use Bionic feet. After what being in the Army has done to them, it would be more comfortable.

Added new pic. :)

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Haha, no we have Oompa Loompas for that (that's what one of our guys has dubbed the Indian/Bangladeshi guys that work here).

You deserve the Tat and we are proud of your service.
Sounds to me as though the Asian civvies need a medal just for clearing up after you lot.

When the lads can't clear up their own poo...then the war is lost. :rolleyes:


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Thanks Halli :) I really appreciate it. And I'll be wearing tank-tops, even at 80! :D

DS, you'd be amazed... We have plumbed latrines, which is nice. Being on a smaller FOB has worked out great when it comes to the niceties. No, we don't have AAFES (which I'm glad for) or CHUs to live in. But, I've got a tent with my crew only (5 of us total), high speed internet (which is very new), porcelain to sit on, our own water treatment facility which is naturally fed (no combat showers for Ruin), and no crazy details.

We've got two major contractors on our FOB. One handles security (they employ mostly Ugandans - these dudes are awesome, and hilarious) and then the other is responsible for maintaining the FOB (this is where the Indians and Bangladeshis come in). Every day, trucks run around the FOB - garbage trucks, and what we call "Honey Wagons" (septic waste trucks). Both have the same destination... right out the back gate. The trash is dumped on land, and the Honey Wagons are emptied into a drainage ditch that has some water in it. It's that easy. The locals tend to pick through our trash. I see this a lot when in "base defense" mode and I sit at a gate on guard duty for 8 hours a day. Bleh.

It just goes to show that no matter how lousy the job, someone somewhere will be happy to do it for almost any amount.

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Don't go too overboard on this project Ruin. Grandfathering and policy changes aside, and not knowing your long term goals/plans, but promotion boards or certain assignments down the line might very well mean a trip to an eraser.

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NoQuarter, thanks for the advice. It's something I've taken into consideration which is why I've made it so both can be easily covered in a professional setting. Seems to be the standard right now for most places. But, I'm not going too overboard, no worries. :D

Rocky, I think I put a photo up of me in a private forum that shows the left arm.

More work tonight on the right arm! :D

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As someone who has tats all over I can tell you my own experience. When I retired here and was looking for jobs people freaked when they seen the tats. I was asked if we hire you will you be willing to wear long sleeve shirts that will hide the tats. Looking at yours I can see they will be very visible below a short sleeve shirt and could cause you the same problems. There is also new policies in the services about tats, the AF for one is now banning them all together for new recruits and heard that they are thinking about making the lifers get rid of any that can be seen when wearing short sleeve shirts.

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Thanks for the info. :) I do appreciate it, but I'm really not overly concerned about it. I don't plan on getting in to any clandestine ops where it would be a serious issue, haha. :D

About to go get ready for more work here in an hour, I'm excited to see how my eagle shapes up.

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You could always be a stand-in for a 'Team America' puppet.

OPSEC - No one can know about Plan B! :D

We've got Marines for sheer burning details, no worries there. :)

Hey, hey, come on now.

I like the flag tat Ruin...it looks nice.

Haha, couldn't resist BK. :) Marines are some of my favorite brothers out here though. I've only interacted with a handful but was always pretty impressed.

And... Thanks! :)

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