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text 3dsmax8 tutorial


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Is there a tutorial with written text for making a terrain file for graw2? I have one showing up in the editor in the list but when I go to place it boom, there is nothing coming up. I would like to see something other then the video in the downloads to explain the steps out better.

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Sure...Bogie seems to have worked this out too...so perhaps ping him if help is needed.

The only issue with working it out first and then creating the guide is you forget what you don't know...ie. you make assumptions in creating the guide that you never know whe you started...so IMHO it's best to create the guide as you go (ie. the wiki) and then update as you learn.

That way it's relevant to others who start knowing nothing and learn along the way...if you know what I mean...<insert beer here>


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I already figured that out since I play with adobe creative suite and photoshop cs2 more then I spend time attempting 3dsmax.

Anyway I figure I am doing something wrong. I exported, got the landscape to show in the landscape list, but when I goto place it there is nothing showing so I am just going to stick to the boring old terrains in game unless I find a custom one I like and decide to add it to the editor.

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Anyway I figure I am doing something wrong. I exported, got the landscape to show in the landscape list, but when I goto place it there is nothing showing so I am just going to stick to the boring old terrains in game unless I find a custom one I like and decide to add it to the editor.


The reason of not working your object I think is:

- somethting you screw up in xml files, not u_landascapename.xml but in materials.xml or landscapename.xml, propably wrong name of your diesel object in script.

- something you do wrong in 3dx max.

Solution is:

- check the files, or copy scripts structure from working objects, and just replaced the names, names of materials.


My custom landscape xml structure


=> objects

==> world_winters

====> mp_win_ground

- mp_win_ground.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

<dynamic_object xmlns:xi="x">

			<diesel file="data\objects\world_winters\mp_win_ground\mp_win_ground.diesel" orientation_object="root_point" materials="data\objects\world_winters\mp_win_ground\materials.xml" viewports="default|crosscom"/>

		<body fixed="true" name="mp_win_ground" template="static_ground" max_walk_angle="35"novodex_disabled="true">

			<object name="root_point"/>

			<object name="gfx_ground" collision_type="mesh_mopp" hidden="false" material="ground"/>



		<marker name="mp_win_ground">

		<offset x="0" y="0"/>




		<object name="gfx_ground" height="128" width="128"/>


	<decal_surfaces static="true">

		<ds_mesh object="gfx_ground"/>



<xi:include href="/data/settings/palett.xml#xpointer(/include/juarez_colors/*)"/>


	<material name="none" decal_material="none"/>

	<material name="concrete" decal_material="concrete"/>

	<material name="container" decal_material="container"/>

	<material name="glass" src="decal_cube" decal_material="glass"/>

	<material name="metal" decal_material="metal"/>

	<material name="metal_none" decal_material="metal_none"/>

	<material name="plaster" decal_material="plaster"/>

	<material name="sheet_metal" decal_material="sheet_metal"/>

	<material name="stone" decal_material="stone"/>

	<material name="wood" decal_material="wood"/>

	<material name="glass_none" src="decal_cube" decal_material="glass_none"/>


	<material name="ground" src="landscape" decal_material="gravel">

		<diffuse_texture file="nw_ground_01_xy_df"/>

		<bump_normal_texture file="nw_ground_01_xy_bm"/>

		<self_illumination_texture file="ar_rock_ground_xy_df"/>

		<distorsion_texture file="ar_rock_ground_01_bm"/>


and mp_win_ground.diesel DATA => units ==> world_winters ====> mp_win_ground u_mp_win_ground

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

  <unit type="static" name="mp_win_ground" slot="35">

	<model file="world_winters\mp_win_ground\mp_win_ground.xml"/>

	<script_class name="base" class="Base"/>

	<script_class name="editor" class="Editor"/>

	<stats block="base_data">

	  <var name="lightmap" value="true"/>

	  <var name="no_silhouette" value="true"/>

	  <var name="ambient_points" value="true"/>




Maybe this will be a little help for you :)


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Was gonna take another wack at it this weekend, I am pretty sure it is in the naming of the textures. If I don't get it this time I will zip and post it here.

First gotta take care of my wife for her surgery tomorrow and see how that goes.

Thanks for all the help everyone. Gonna use your examples to check against my code aswell Winters, thanks for posting that.

Edited by Digger
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Ok. double checked root_point was attached. Checked naming of materials, checked code against code posted here.

I know it is something really stupid but after watching the video for the 50th time and reading the tutorial posted here I am sure I am blind, dumb, or stupid, or a combination of the three lol.

Anyway here is the link to all the files I have for it if anyone can help me out. Just pm me for the pass.

Thanks in advance


It is just a simple terrain for learning but once I get it I know I can make a nicer one :D

Edited by Digger
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Place the map in the editor and save ,it creates some files in

levels/custom_levels/world_xml in there u have a general texture_scope.

After the save create a folder with sub folders in data/ and name it textures and put

textures in there.

ie. data/textures/u_map/bump


Then open texture_scope.xml and add

<texture_set name="u_map/bump" />

<texture_set name="u_map/diffuse" />

The tdb_texture_set.xml is placed in all folder with textures,here is one from the Arroy map.Replace the path in the first line

and the two names in each line with you texture names.

<texture_set name="atlas_world/atlas_rs/atlas_rs_arroyo/rs_arroyo_terrain_diffuse" allow_autoload="true">

<image name="ar_dirt_gravel_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_dirt_gravel_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />

<image name="ar_dirt_sand_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_dirt_sand_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />

<image name="ar_dirt_stone_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_dirt_stone_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />

<image name="ar_rock_ground_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_rock_ground_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />

<image name="ar_rock_wall_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_rock_wall_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />

<image name="ar_rock_deep_xy_df" category="ground" orig_name="ar_rock_deep_xy_df" orig_mip_filter="BOX_GAMMA" orig_forced_width="-1" orig_forced_height="-1" />


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