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is it safe to buy graw 2 on steam now?

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I have a contrary view, I purchased a number of games through Steam in the last 2 years (as have my LAN buddies) incl. L4D, ARMAII, OFP:DR and all have performed flawlessly.I like the convenience and simplicity - plus it's cheaper for me in Aus.!I did buy a physical copy of GRAW 2 some years back so can not comment about how this partic. game plays in Steam.Dav

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I bought the Ghost Recon series on steam which include(Gr,GRAW and GRAW2).

I was able to play the games a few month till last week when I tried to open GRAW2 the games log but hangs on a black screen I tough it was only GRAW2 then I tried to launched GRAW and same thing happen it hang on a black screen so I had to stoped the process by ctrl+alt+del.

I have uninstall both game with no result I have sent a message to ubi support with 'dxdiag' files and I received the stoopid answer you couldn't imagine...they told me that I don't have the min spec to run the game Imao...I have a Quad 9550 2.83 ghz with a EAH4870x2 2g....this guy should be fired on the spot.

This 2 games works great on my old PC and not anymore cause it use to works on my new PC....then I have uninstal steam and the many games that I have bought on it cause of trouble and games that are not that good to play for a long time.

My girl friend bought BF2 collection on steam and everytime she was entering a server she was kicked...[content removed] and she can play BF2 now without beeing kicked cause of steam.

STEAM: :banned:

MODERATOR EDIT: Discussion of warez and [Thing that should not be spoken of here] are not permitted.

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Now that I have format the PC and change Vista 64 to windows 7 64 everything is working great now with GRAW and GRAW2 via steam.

Finaly I was wrong,steam is not responsable for those behavior...honestly I don't know exactly what was my problems but certainly not steam.

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