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Selecting mission options -- in game?


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I'm just throwing this idea out because I think it's cool.

Since I don't play with a clan or group and generally just play Coop missions alone and most of them can be very long... I thought it would be cool if mission objectives in a game weren't always in the same order... and even if playing with a group it would give some variety to be able to switch around the order of objectives.. enemies spawning... etc.

I know that many of the coop mission objectives can be completed in any order...but the enemies tend to always spawn the same way.

Also there are often many versions of various missions to change the environment.. day.. night etc...

Well here's an idea. Many of the missions give the ability to change the spawn point (some of Dav's missions).

Could not the same "functionality" be utilized in game to change mission objectives, environment, etc.

Here's how I envision it working... and no.. I'm not on drugs. At least not many.. :rocky:

Initially spawn point would be a protected area from enemies. And at location there, like in a cave or room or whatever.. the player is presented with a bunch of "controls" on the wall. Instead of just changing the spawn, the controls could be used to set different mission variables.

For example: set to day.. or set to dusk... or play objectives in order 1,2,3 or order 3,1 (skipping one objective).. or maybe set enemies to 200 or 300 or 50... or spawn 2 tanks.. or no tanks...

I think something like this would be most useful if the spawn point is near the center of the map.. or maybe not.

Anyway. There it is. Feel free to laugh. :lol:

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Here's how I envision it working... and no.. I'm not on drugs. At least not many.. :rocky:

Something like this?

Early demo of the GRAW 2 in-game lobby idea

I guess we like the same drugs! I thought posted this a while ago but could not locate it when i did a search....so perhaps not.

Active modders, feel free to use this as you see fit. Bogie/John, you have the code in my unfinished Castle mission...It's in a bit of a mess as I was planning to "proceduralise" it but never completed it...Happy for you guys to do as you will with it...or not.

Oh, another thing in that mission that I would love to see used in anger - is the mortar barrage...This one actually blows stuff up and kills people ;) Run Ghosts, run!

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AJ, just a case of great minds thinking alike....good to see too, as I always thought it would be a good thing in that it allows the mission makers to just issue one mission and then then player can customise to how they like it...

Hope one of the crew pick it up -otherwise i might be forced to do it myself :unsure:


PS. Found my original post, from back in Dec. '08. Ahhh, those were the days ;)

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