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Dragon Rising - Realism....just realized something

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I just realized in the 6 weeks or whatever it's been since DR's release, I haven't felt compelled once to discuss any realism issues. There are none to speak of, unless you expect an all out simulation at this price.

I've been let down by one particular publisher game after game, year after year, and now to finally be playing a no-nonsense realistic game - which I've longed for since GR1 - is so nice!

Granted I'm refering to addon missions, not the default campaign, so of course for best realistic campaign GR is still king.

My point is it's just nice to finally be rid of the burden of having to dwell in thread after thread discussing realism, or lack thereof.

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I don't know of any realism mods other than an A.I. "improvement" mod. I haven't tried it. The last thing I want is another AI mod that turns a perfectly realistic experience into a really hard video game.

I play on the setting just before "hardcore". I don't use hardcore because it's freakin stupid as hell to eliminate EVERYTHING from the hud. There are some hud elements necessary to compensate for the fact that you're playing on a computer as apposed to using all your senses. Mainly I just need the team member icons.

The good thing is that different difficulty settings do NOT change A.I. at all. Finally someone realized they need to keep the AI consistant.

I've only d'loaded about 10 missions. I like Hydra, Olympic, Hunting the East Wind. But most of the time I'm in the editor.

More modders are now discovering all kinds of ways to make things as random as possible. There are some incredible missions coming our way to be sure.

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I only have a few grips about this game and one being how weak the 5.56 round is. Some enemies can take up to 14 shots to knock down. That's the main grip I have with it as most of the guns for the US are 5.56 so they are pretty worthless.. Oh and don't even wast your time with adding a silencer to that cause you'll be better off throwing your gun at them and doing more damage than the round from a silenced weapon will.

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