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Who is still playing this Tournament?

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Give me a yes and your scores so far to my email if you havent already done so.

Then I can post the table of scores and release the last 3 missions for the tournament.

If you dont want to keep playing or cant let me know - I will release the mod to the community when the Tourney is over so you can play it then if you like.



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With much regrets, I have had to pull out of the tourney due to mother passing away last week. I have to make all funeral arrangements etc, so dont have the time now.

Thanks Lightspeed for all your hard work and I hope that this was all for nothing on your part.

I will continue to support this site as much as I can as people like yourself make the GR series worth following.

Good luck all with the tourney.



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Buried my Mom on Dec 3 too so I know how you feel.

I quoted the last verse from the Rose by Bette Midler in my speech:

Just remember in the Winter

Far beneath the bitter snows

Lies the seed

That with the sun's love

In the Spring

Becomes the Rose.

There'll be better times.

I haven't been home since Nov 23 and until yesterday night but will soon catch up.

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