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On the Garage Roof - Missing Rocket Launcher

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So , I'm on the roof , the chopper is there,all my squad is there! I press 'X' to rearm/load! No Rocket Launcher!!!

I have installed 'Brettzies Weapon pack 5.0' Everything he says should be there in the folder is, So what next? All I can do is rearm my squad. But I can't kill the tank, Went back, to restart mision,

still no launcher, Took out 'Brettzies Weapon pack 5.0' the way he recommends, And still no launcher!

Am I going to have to start all over again minus The mod?

Any suggestions please!

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Although you haven't told us what mission this is , I am going to guess it's mission 2 ?

There is a Mission help/tips thread (pinned to the top of this forum), that would have taken you to the Mission #2: coup d'etat discussion thread ....

Where that question has already been asked and answered numerous times before (eg posts #23, #39, #42, #45, #46, #49, #51, #62..... )

see post #40 for the clearest answer

*and a simple forum search for "rocket" would have also found that thread and others

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