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Recruitment Day and U.S. ALIED HOSTAGE

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Hello friend ghost, :blush: you can explain like releasing to me to U.S. ALIED HOSTAGE of mission Recruitment Day?

2- Locate the Informant that has the information on the hostages...This fact

2a- I have eliminated all the mercenaries of the place and hostages follows waxed in the iron door? As I can open.

It thank you very, much pardons my English evil and by your aid :hmm::hmm::hmm:

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Spanish, I have explained to you before in a different thread that your question has been answered by Bogie the author of the mission in THIS thread. Click on the word in bold to redirect you to the correct thread.

Recruitment Day is part of the Vitale Campaign and there is a thread covering this already in which you have previously posted a question.

There is no need to start a new thread for this question.

Once again I am closing this topic.

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