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Played this mission last days with twix...

Mapdesign is pretty nice, the AI is overall ok, but the only issues (arent really issues) are the mines in ALL tactical corners that couldnt be seen but noticed if they blow up...

No corner was without them, i felt so...

And i dislike that all mission-markers are shown up from the start...

Its a bit to much in my eyes, i like it if there is one after another so that a bunch of players cant spread out and didnt play tactical together :)

We didnt do it till the end because... (i dont know anymore *g*)

Overall a really heavy map...

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Yeah ..

we play the last Version (1.4)

on aktive WAN-Server with three Soldiers .. No Mod o.s.s. ..

DAMN .. what ..

You should try to see the mines @ 1680x1050..

So - i think we catch EVERY mine on the f#### way to Adat-A.

And why must we see EVERY Target on the Mission if we only

can go ONE way? It was so boring that we decide to break

up after some Targets ..

The Design and AI is very good and funktional .. (can be

more AI) .. No Errors, no Crashes .. but that dont compensate the rest ...

.. Greets .. Twix ..

@only a point for all :

Did someone of you did your job in the army !?!

So ...than, in the theory, you know how to place mines taktical

and that no Fireteam-Team get more than 3 targets @ same time.

We are NOT a Platoon or Company .. (ok, sometimes looks like after we were in Target-Zone.. :D)

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Its simple ppl. Mines make it harder. I used to lay mine fields for the forces,not all mines can be seen. The mines were placed to where I would place them if having to lay a minefield out in an actual theater of operations.

Only 4 of the objectives spawn at the beginning of the mission. other 3 are after which is what others have given input on in my first attempt at a mission.

As for only going one way. With 70 ai spawning from ppl running around you would be complaining about low FPS. Can't have everything.

guess you can't keep eveyone happy. To those that like it, Thanks for the remarks, for those that don't, just don't play it.

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guess you can't keep eveyone happy. To those that like it, Thanks for the remarks, for those that don't, just don't play it.

That was the most heplfull ive ever read ;)

It was only to offer criticism - and what i know see is that u cant handle it...

OK -so we wont play ur missions at least...

Other mappers would handle it on their way, others are lucky if someone says what he dislikes...

And maybe makes it better in his upcoming releases...

Its a hard way to learn how to make the comunity happy...

regards and better luck next time


EDIT: One simple question: is it possible for the AI to move over the mines without to blew them up?

Because a "mine-field" only makes sense if NO-ONE could pass them...

OK - maybe all persons (in this place the AI and their whole troops) have a "detailed plan" to move around them - think i saw some of them that hold one in their hands and just "dance" around the mines :D (just kidding)



PIC choosen just for example

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sounds like some ppl are scared to play maps with mines...awww

just think of it this way ... the mines u cat see are IED's that the terrorists remotely blow when u get near them

i still think the map needs a little more mines and ai

just think about where u would place mines mines at when u play and u should be able to miss them (or let others go ahead of u , or take the same path every time u die)

keep up the good work digger

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I didnt say i dislike mines...

But´if they are placed in every damn corner they... life suxxx

OK - someone likes it - the others dont... Ill be the middle way if u want...

They give the game a new experience, but at least we lost the interest in playin, because every step we made we hit a mine (u call it IED - i lol-d)

Some, or maybe more are ok... but not these sort of hidden crap...

i know that there are some ppl out in the world who place IED´s...

but its my own opinion that these sort inside the maps are kinda crap...

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It just depends on how you play. If you use regular weapons, it is very overexcessive with all of the mines. However, if you have a Grenade Launcer with 200 rounds and can blow up every corner... then it is too easy...

Just a random thought. I like the mines, but you do have to be a little realistic as to who the game is catering towards.

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I plan on it, just don't plan on releasing the other 2 missions I have on the go, other then maybe to zero and the guys over on the taw server. Seems to stir up ppl around here when you make something hard.

PS look down, just the very tips of the mines show which is why they are hard to see. I didn't place them with 10 inches of trigger sticking up.

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