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BF: BC 2 - PC version "Not a port"

Pave Low

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DICE have confirmed that the PC version will not be a port from the console version(s)

This is nearly as good as the news that there even will be a PC version this time :D

incgamers.com article

DICE has assured fans that the PC version of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will be tailored to the platform.

The first Bad Company game never made it to the PC and developer DICE is keen to stress that the PC release of Bad Company 2 will not simply be a port.

Speaking to IncGamers, DICE’s Gordon Van Dyke stressed that each version of the game is being “tweaked and adjusted” to suit the platform.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2“On the PC, it's a PC version, which is getting that same treatment, and then also a little bit more as PC users are generally used to a different type of experience than console users are, and we recognise that and we want to make sure that we give that to the PC market and give the console market more,” said Van Dyke.

When pressed on whether the PC version will include modding tools, Van Dyke stated that while the situation is “really, really complicated” due to the game engine being in its infancy, he did offer some hope for the modding community.

“Once we start getting there and the engine gets to a level where we can release tools that are easy for our own guys to use, and then easy for people publicly, then we'll get into that and we'll really start to focus on it,” he revealed.

“But it's definitely not something that we're like, ‘oh, we won't do that.’”

More good news for PC fans came when Van Dyke that, as well as launching a beta for the PS3, a PC beta will also go ahead.

“We're also going to have a PC beta, and we'll announce more details on that at a later date,” he said.

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Game is awesome. I don't think it's a console port at all -- i play on an older computer and most console games i try demos of on pc run horribly. Frostbite is a nicely tuned and PC optimized engine. And the interface is nice and mouse-centric -- not like the mess we got with OFP:DR

The gameplay is very streamlined -- this is a simpler, less random, less 'realistic' battlefield game, but it works extremely well. Fantastic, but maybe not what BF2 vets are expecting. One big complaint is that you can't go prone, but this clearly wasn't a feature that was taken out at random. The game seems very balanced and tuned for standing/crouch only, and it doesnt hinder stealth or sniping at all.

There is a definite sense of evolution here -- between the incredible effectiveness of squad features (you can respawn near any squadmate, even if they are in the thick of a battle) and the environmental destruction this is a distinctly different Battlefield game.

Video EA tweeted, gives a good impression of what we've got:

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Game is awesome. I don't think it's a console port at all -- i play on an older computer and most console games i try demos of on pc run horribly. Frostbite is a nicely tuned and PC optimized engine.

I'm not sure if we played same game :) It runs horribly on my rig. I have constant (low) FPS, doesn't matter if I play on low, medium or high settings. Plus, there are tons of huge topics on official forums about terrible performance and lack of optimization.

You must be lucky if it runs ok on your older rig.


Just found this.

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Shared code in a multiplatform title doesnt really mean anything. Ghost Recon had references to the Xbox in its code, remember? It certainly wasnt a port, just a leftover option from when they were planning to port it to the xbox -- http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/x-box.htm

Anyway, as for the engine, are you sure you weren't experiencing latency? The first day or two of the beta with the broken server browser resulted in some insane lag in every server i joined, and there was so much warping and stuttering and input lag i thought framerate was part of the problem at first.

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I had a play with the pc beta on a 3.6ghz quad cpu, 4870X2 graphics, not that impressed really, probably not my type of game?, net code is so so, graphics are sub par, audio is mediocre but the explosion are fun to watch. Maybe the pc sp demo will be better thought out?, if there is to be a sp demo that is?.

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So Battlefield Bad Company 2 will essentially be DICE's follow up title to BF2/BF2142 on the PC?

Not really, from what i can tell it is the sequel to the xbox360 and ps3 battlefield bad company video game.

It's gold and on the shelf soon so I believe we have what we have.

Cool, in a month or maybe longer a pc sp/mp demo might show up?.

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