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Mod Folder?

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I am running GRAW on a Vista laptop, the game runs well but I don't have a 'mods' folder anywhere! I put one in my GRAW Folder but it doesn't show in 'options' on startup.

My system is: IntelRCore2 Duo CPU T5450 @ 1.66Ghz 1.67Ghz


32-bit operating system

I have no problems running this game and the graphics are good. Everything else works ok.

I would appreciate some help with this as I love this game.



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Thanks to both you and Rocky for trying to enlighten me. I don't have either of those in my GRAW folder. What I have tried is opening 'Heroes Unleashed' , copying the stuff in there and putting into my data folder! Hasn't made any difference as far as I can see. Also tried with a clean install + the 3.5 patch and put a 'Mods' folder into the GRAW prog' . nothing seems to work!

Now really perplexed with this!

Better brains than mine I think are needed now!

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