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Winter Mountain Valley


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You may wish to have a look through this thread :thumbsup:


"The "Mountain Valley" map is in IGS Leagues Winter TRR v1.0. It was an MP mappack from 2004. Gizzmo's "Shadow Valley" is available on its own and in the TPC Mappack v2."


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Frostbite had a lot of winter maps

Or, maybe you're using a map called December?

That's all i can tell you really. It would be a lot easier to recognize the map if i see a picture of it (command map) because, for me at least, the map name doesn't ring a bell. But to be honest I'm probably not the best guy to answer your question.

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You need to try getting in touch with CBA_Bludawg...he did those retextures for IGS League....he's in the members list...been awhile since I saw him around though...I think I have an email addy, if so I'll try for ya...may ask him if he wants to give general permissions to use his stuff from now on...at least one of those Winter TRR maps I think is sleeper's...the little sniper map...believe it was his first or around that...

BTW use this version of Winter TRR...v1.2 has more maps...


mig :ph34r:

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