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[ "Catherine" Private Message SPAM ]

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Just got this a moment ago as a private message here...




Today, 03:08 PM

Member Group Group: Members

Member Posts Posts: 0

Member Joined Joined: Today, 03:00 PM

Member Location

Member Number Member No.: 21,049

[Edited: spam content removed so as not to give them publicity]

[Admin Edit: Thread moved to Site Feedback (as it's not anything to do with the Xbox version of GR4 ;) ]

Edited by Pave Low
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Yeah, I was just watching the PM system go nuts

and noticed that that account had signed up and went straight to PMing

IP is from Russia (Moscow)

looks like they were PM spamming the member list alphabetically: Symbols.... A.... B... :wall:

Banned now :thumbsup:

Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience folks and please delete the PM and don't both replying (the account is banned so they wont even see any replies)

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I want to applaud our fine admin, Pave, who quickly addressed this problem at GR.net and was able to minimize the number of members to receive this message. I was not so fortunate to not get this spam message at another popular, company-owned, gaming site and my log in starts with a "Z". :blink::wall:

However, look at all those members that came back to the site to see what the PM was that they received. LOL

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What really peeved me is that I shortly received an email from another Russian asking for me to send a small iron stove to her and her kid to keep them warm this winter. Guessing they got the email from here... thank goodness for spam filters and Macs ;)

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