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Dragon Rising - [bought this game yesterday]

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Well, I bought this game yestrerday but could not really get a look until today, have not finished mission one but had a fun watch of an arty strike I called in...you have to call it in, determine the ordinance, and how you want it placed..it was pretty darn cool as far as FX..I'm really slow, actually suck getting familiar with interfaces and this is no different...the usual radial rig as you've seen before...got a mate or two kia cause I could not locate in time to heal them up..it is slow going tactics though..cool.

best thing I've seen to date...the MISSION EDITOR they sent...hmmmmmm...looks useable too, but I'll need to delve further to know for sure...

mig :ph34r:

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Yes it's nearly impossible to locate a fallen mate or enemy in the tall grass. It's a glaring example of the limitation of FPV, or the limitations of a display monitor in general, compared to what you can actually see in reality.

mig you must try some addon missions asap! Most of them are extremely ghost Recon-like. BTW I'm spending more time in the editor than in game. Talented GR modders (not me) will do great things with this editor, it's awesome, as far as mission creation.

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Replying to [bought this game yesterday] and was wondering...

Just how do you go about registering your game? There was no install key process (retail-US-DVD) and the included register link results in a ring around the redirect and no joy on either the homepage, Code M or with their forum admin.

Is it possible to edit, add, or replace squad, team, or more to the point, soldier templates -to change the default loadouts? Went through the patch changelogs and came up empty, and now with the news that no SDK will be offered, just what type of modifications to data or GUI can be made without being blocked by hard-coding?.

And what was the thinking -if any- behind the Quick Command Radial and how did it make it through play-testing to be released as is?

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