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Hello friend, first of all I want to make clear that I am very contented with superb mods that we can find in this www., but I would like much that somebody or created mod (campaign SP, mission SP) that took place inside a building (corridors, rooms, etc) or if it already exists that you say the name to me to unload it. In cooperative way already it exists but in Single Player?

Good thank you very much and for having if there is luck :D

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Zero is correct, if you are looking for a "coop" mission, Strategic Eradication, Missile Mayhem (last 2/3rds of the map) and Tactical Yard are all mostly indoors. If you would like more of the SP Campaign, the first two training missions are the Strategic Eradication and Tac Yard -> http://www.ghostrecon.net/files2/index.php...iew&id=1087



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