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Windows 7 installation feedback thread

Pave Low

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Thought it would be useful to have a thread where people who have installed Win 7 can post how it went for them and maybe also list a few details about their system

So, to kick off..here is my feedback from installing on my primary PC

as you may have seen I received got my copies of Win 7 yesterday but was I waiting for a Solid State Drive to be delivered before installing, which happened this morning

I already have Vista running on the machine and plan to initially dual boot until all applications and game are transferred over to Win 7 (then I might put XP (32) on the "old" boot HDD for older games Etc...)

PC Details: an I7 920(at 3.6 GHz) with 6 GB of RAM

Installation Version: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-Bit

Installation type: Clean install onto brand new hard-drive (SSD)

Installation drive: OCZ Vertex Turbo 120 GB

Fitted the SSD fine (2 minutes (had already positioned a free SATA + Power cable))

Booted PC with Win 7 (64bit) DVD in drive

00 Minutes - Started installation...

05 minutes in - First reboot

10 minutes in - Second reboot

13 minutes in - Networking initialised

16 minutes in - automatically Installed some windows updates & Rebooted

17 minutes in - All done!! - Logged in to the user account :D

Manually ran windows update, changed screen resolution and set desktop background and settings Etcc.. Rebooted

Installed AV+Firewall - Norton Internet security 2010 (actually took me longer to type the CD Key in than it did to to install it)

IE8 was installed automatically (no voting screen or any such choices) so used it to D/L and install Firefox

and then used FF to download software for peripherals (Setpoint, Game-panel, N52 Etc..)

and of course the first thing added to FF favourite is GR.net (I'll import the others from the Vista install later)

so all in all, was a flawless extremely fast installation for me (but I do have an SSD as opposed to a regular HDD, but have heard even then it usually only takes 30 mins for a clean install) no problems yet :thumbsup::thumbsup:

Now to start loading all my Apps & Games again (of course the first game to go on will be GR) :D

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Hey Pave, finally picked up my version of Win7 to install over the Christmas break. I decided to get an OEM version for Win7 instead of the retail Upgrade version I got for Vista (what a hassle to have to install XP first, then Vista!)

Nice thing about the OEM version is I could install Win7 Pro over Vista Home Premium (which I wouldn't be able to do with the Upgrade version)

PC Details: Core 2 Quad Q6600 with 4 GB of RAM, GeForce 8800GTX

Installation Version: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit (because I wanted the XP mode)

Installation type: Own Win7 partition because I am triple booting WinXP/Vista/Win7 on my primary office system

Installation drive: Seagate Barracuda 7200.10 500 GB SATA

Finished the install in about 30 min - main wierd thing was the DVD took a long time to spin up when reading setup files, but oh well - I was actuallly booting from my second DVD burner for some reason.

Nice thing was all drivers were installed from the Win7 disc. No need to download anything!

Pretty impressed so far. Seems a lot less clutter than the beta version I tried. My main gripes are they removed the Stock gadget (why???) and no games by default (where is Chess Titans!)

Ran the Windows Experience Index rating and got higher than Vista - 5.7 (CPU and Ram was 7.1, Graphics was 6.9, and HD was 5.7 :blink: )

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Wow, I'm going to be installing on almost exactly the same setup as CR6. Still trying to backup all my stuff in preparation for the big wipe....

Cool, my triple boot setup is working fine so far. This is what I have:

C: WinXP (hardly used in the last year, mainly for old games)

D: Win Vista (has all my often currently-used apps and newer games)

E: Win 7

F: User Data (i.e. "My Documents" for XP, User files for XP/Win7)

G: Backups (downloads, drivers, game demos, software, etc.)

So I actually didn't have to wipe anything because I had the "E" partition set aside for Windows 7 over a year ago (used it for the beta install), and I just point all the My Documents stuff from each OS to the F drive

Main major change from my past way of doing things is with these multiple OS setups, I no longer put the virtual cache on a seperate partition. I just fix the virtual cache at 4GB for each of the C,D,E drives.

Other thing is I'm trying to use Google Docs for Win7 so no MS Office install there hehe.

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Yeah, depending on how Win 7 goes I'm not sure if I'll need a Win XP install or not. If some of my more popular games don't work then I just might have to....

If you have Win7 Pro then it has a WinXP virtual machine mode (which I haven't tried yet). I think the XP mode is a strategic thing M$ put in there so businesses can upgrade and have no excuse to say their apps won't run in Win7. :P

Win7 Pro also does have a backup tool. It's similar to the one that came with Windows OneCare ... it's set to off by default.

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Vista had the same backup in Pro and ultimate. Also in Vista and windows 7 pro or ultimate, right click any directory and select previous versions. This will show you where 15% of your hard drive goes... anytime a directory is changed it's backed up. You can usually go back about a month on the fly. Home editions did this also but you couldnt' access it unless you upgraded to pro or ultimate.

And now for the cool things... check out paint now. Then the snipping tool. And the magnifier.

and in the start search enter psr and press enter ;)


One more things for the new Year... Unlock hidden themes in windows 7


Have a happy 2010!

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OK, I finally got around to install Win 7 on one of my older home systems and it went pretty good ...

PC Details: Pentium 4 3.4 GHz with 2 GB of RAM, ASUS Radeon X800XT PE

Installation Version: Windows 7 Professional 32-Bit

Installation type: Seperate Win7 partition dual booting with XP Pro

Installation drive: WD Raptor 75 GB SATA

Finished the install in about 30 min. Main hitch was that Win7 had no default drivers for the X-Fi sound card! Hasn't the X-Fi been out for awhile? No reason why MS couldn't have included default X-Fi drivers ...

Anyways, Creative did have Win 7 32-bit and 64-bit drivers on their website and it installed without any problems.

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I installed Win7PRO 32-bit out of frustration with my dirty disc of WinXPPro.

Questions: I'm about install my games (GhostRecon & Rainbow 6 (Non-Ubisoft), Call of Duty MW, Crysis, Richard Burns Rally, Simbin GTR2 Evo)

---can I use DX10 now? I was only running DX9 on XPPro

---any particular nVidia driver is most stable with my card 8800GTX

then I gotta install my aging Photoshop 7.

please advice, spec in my signature


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Make sure they all run as administrator (right click run as admin)

If you have any difficutiy saving in a game, go to the games folder under C:\Program files\ The game

Right click the folder and change permisssions to allow standard users to have admin rights on all files and sub directories

Other then that, should be good to go. Haven't had any nvidia driver issues yet. All the new ones with enable physics also so in GRAW you can play the ageia island that used to be only for physics cards.

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Other then that, should be good to go. Haven't had any nvidia driver issues yet. All the new ones with enable physics also so in GRAW you can play the ageia island that used to be only for physics cards.

thx ROCO :thumbsup:

wow, I guess I'll load GRAW2??? to get to Ageia Island :unsure:

Can I load DX10 or DX11 on my 8800 GTX+Win7...it's been a while, I remember reading I cannot get DX10 on Crysis coz I didn't have Vista?

since I'm on a download rampage right now for drivers and updates :P


just found it installed already


some graphic glitch on OPFR-watchamacallit...ZOMBIE mod...the arms on the zombies are "Stretched" other than that quick play ok so far....now I gotta go find Crysis disc and other games


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