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Windows 7 incoming!


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Your order for Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium / Retail has been posted.


Great Stuff :thumbsup: Where was that from ?

as you know the official Retail Release date is on Thursday (was it from Jersey maybe to allow for the extra shipping time to arrive then)

if like me it's Vista I would be interested to see if there are any benefits, making it worth upgrading.

Oh yeah its is much slicker than Vista :thumbsup::thumbsup:

and if you pair it with a good new generation SSD it becomes fantastic :drool:

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using windows 7 for the last month.

Downside...over vista - no email client included. No photoeditor included. Have to install live essentials to get them. New aero annoys me... if i drag a window and it touches the top of the screen it auto maximizes. i don't want it to do that lol. Also a pain to switch betwee multiple internet explorers via the quick launch.

+ side is Media center is included in all versions except i think basic. Business now has it.

If you have Vista SP2 Fresh Install and a newer pc... no big changes. that are show stoppers.

Slightly older pc, Windows 7 seems ok with 1gb of ram (my notebook is fine) and if there is a vista driver out for hardware and no windows 7 driver, due to driver model similarities you can use the vista driver. If you buy a new pc though, no reason not to get it, of if your pc is current enough but still on XP.

Also note is suffers from the same problem as Vista with sound. It allows devices to take exclusive control. Uncheck this in the sound section or your 3rd party voice comms will not work in game.

You get no new games with Windows 7 over vista and no new screensavers. There are however new backgrounds and optin to rotated them.

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Yep, my copies were delivered by City link first thing this morning :) , just as I was going out the door to work :(:P

Only had time to quickly open the box but yes did notice the packaging was different than had been expecting (no “E” version)

I'm not too bothered about IE8 as will be using Firefox (and can alway D/L IE8 if need too)

aha, explanation:

Microsoft scraps Windows 7 'E' version for Europe

Microsoft: No browserless Windows 7 after all

Those who pre-ordered Windows 7 "E" through a recent discount offer will get the full version, as Microsoft had promised.

However, Microsoft plans to now sell Windows 7 upgrades in Europe and also offer a higher-priced full version (for those without an earlier copy of Windows)--similar to what it is doing in the rest of the world.

The move also solved a challenge for Vista users in Europe, who under the previous plan would have had to do a clean install to move to Windows 7


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From what I've read since ordering them in July, it seems to be very much Vista +. One's a gift and one's for a future build. I've been really happy with Vista. My notebook has locked up three times in two years. That's it. My 98SE is still going strong and I still intend to build a dedicated XP machine for my older unplayed games, including CoD2. At the moment, I still have a fancy PC that I've been unable to use to it's full potential because of two duff graphics cards. :wall:


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I have Vista twice (beta tested something for Microsoft and they sent me it free) and never installed it. With that said SUPPOSEBLY they fixed it with updates but if I compare how vista ran on my system and how 7 does its like night and day. Not that 7 doesnt have issues but nothing like when I ran Vista

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I bought mine under the newegg.com preorder special of $49.99. I'll be going to virginia in a week or more to a windows 7 launch for developers. each registered person will get a free version of Windows7 ultimate or professional

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Lucks not been on my side with this at all, I got the download sorted only to realise I didn’t have any DVD-r discs, by the time I got chance to buy some FF lost the download so I had to download it again.

I've then tried twice to perform an upgrade but it told me I needed to uninstall a program called 'Perfect image' (something like that, don’t recall the exact name now) I've removed that program, double and triple checked and it’s not on my system but windows 7 still insists it’s on my PC and wont upgrade. So now I need to go through a clean install which is fine but not had time to ensure all my docs and files are moved to my external drive, and finding the time to do this between work shifts allowing time for problems (as I don’t have a second PC in the house) it’s just not happened yet

I'm then working away later this week so looks like I might need to wait till the weekend :(

Has anyone else had problems with upgrading due to program clashes?

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I'm having issues with Windows 7 (ultimate 64bit version) recognizing my pci slot. It says in the device manager that there are no drivers for it. It won't let me install my drivers from my mother board cd because they are all windows xp drivers.

Any tips/ideas on this one would be appreciated. Thanks.

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THere are no drivers for pci slots. Does it say pci device? modem maybe?look @ your list of devices and see which is missing.

You're right, it does say PCI modem. I have a wireless card plugged into the PCI slot and installed the drivers from the cd and in the wireless software it says "no device detected".

Also under devices and printers there's a device called PORTERS with a yellow triangle and the diagnostic says " The driver for the ethernet controller is not installed. Install the latest driver for this device."

Thanks for the help ROCO, I appreciate it.

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I was going to get the student Win7 0:) to try on my older build PC that has XPPRO SP2, then , realized how much ppl are having issues with drivers....

but also, once they get that sorted out, majority seems to be very pleased with it :yes:

So I just might get Win7, but on a newer fresh build pc. :thumbsup:

good luck dporter, let us know how it goes

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