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Dragon Rising - "Roaming"

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This is for anyone who would simply like to go in and take a look around.


Contains all USMC weapon boxes and vehicles.

Insert with a team.

You can take some time to play with the team and get familiar with the orders, check out all the weapons, or take the vehicles for a spin and tour the Island. Added 2 of each Heli predicting unknown mechanical malfunctions. :whistle:

To reach the boats you can jump off the 50ft cliffs into the water and swim, with no injuries, as long as you pick a spot with no rocks below. :devil:

Have fun, feel free to request anything for these test purposes.


Unzip into: Program Files\Codemasters\OF Dragon Rising\data_win\missions\Mission Editor

Select Sinlge Mission, use arrows on the right to locate Roaming.

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Ah yes very good idea Tinker!

Going to try this now and learn how to fly. The last time i've tryed was in game, with a teammate aboard and we crashed the damn thing in a lake. The mouse was not inverted :s oooops

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This is great - thanks Tinker!

Actually, with a couple objectives and some bad guys, I'd spend a lot more time on a single sandbox mod like this than the whole campaign. Even tackling the same objectives over and over again - with total freedom - would provide me more replay value than all eleven somewhat linear missions.

Hmmmm. Have an idea, starting new thread so I don't hijack dis one.

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Its pretty Ironic that Tinker makes this and in the first patch they add a "roaming mission". hmmm I smell a rat here.... Not saying they took his idea..... but maybe borrowed it a little... just a little...

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does include a god mode? coz I really suck at this Tactical game....maybe it's just that I haven't played anything tactical since GR :rofl:

This should be my badge:


@ doubletap, I tried looking for that race mode...that must be hilarious to play. I was taking my team thru the first mission, and the minute I hear a snap in my headphone I started gunning the gas :rofl:

I was bouncing my team off road....I wish free-FRAPs works, coz I have to post that video...freaking hilarious.

I didn't think I can get those jeep airborne :rofl:

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