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Maps/Mods website up!

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I have put up a website for all map makers and modders. :) I hope you like it!

Site Name: OFP Custom

Link: OFP Custom

Features of website:

1. You can add your on maps and mods to the data base.

2. On your mod/map Submission you can add a video of your mod/map.

3. On your submision again you can add a logo/screenshots of your mod/map

4. you can also add a download for your mod/map.

5. There is a Gallery for games screenshots and any other pictures you would like to add.

6. I will be adding a clan list/data base for clans to add there clan details to.

7. There is also a download section for Patches/maps from codemasters.

If there is anything else you would like me to add just ask :)

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i dont get the maps reference - are they maps or missions?

sorry. or maybe you mean mp maps?

Hey Light speed the site is for all things OFP: DR maps,MP Maps,Missions,Mods :)

btw guys I need Admins for the site. davros you should be one for sure. anyone else that wants in let me know :)

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