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GR:AW II - Coop Movie

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Hi all,

in the next weeks, if the last 3 beta maps are released, OZ* will start to record custom missions to make some add for them. Feel free to join our "WARZONE" Server to play with us. If we make use of the 3rd person mod, plz remember to download it.

If the server is closed, we are reenacting some scenes for different views. We are organised and trained for that, some of our members have experience on that. And its difficult to create diff. views! - So if the server is closed, sorry.

In the following i will reveal some ideas where i need some feedback on. Iam not that sure or convinced about that points and dont know if that plans are what i think of it.

Soundtrack: YOUTUBE (LINK)

From Rambo I: OST "Haunting the Mercenaries"

Iam not that convinced about the soundtrack, but maybe it will fit with the added Ingamesound.


I want to record the ingamesound. I think it will be great in the movie about coop missions.

Moreover the sound will catch the recipient into the mission and give him more content of the game. Maybe.

3 rd person mod:

I think to make use of the 3rd person mod will fill the picture and show the awesome details of the weapons, animations, characters uniforms and the surrounding. Watch the reference on youtube.

The last part about coop missions.


As in all movies i will record the scenes, so i have to play and sit in deathcam.

Like in the other movies i wanted to change the hud into a clear one, except the crosshair.

mabe its better to show the hud in this coop movie, or shall i record it like always, without HUD ?!?

So lets talk about this points or ideas that you have. I will try to transfer it in the movie.

Thanks for help and "FEEL FREE TO JOIN!"

Kind Regards



3rd person mod: I did an package of this mod including an readme, so that it will work 100 %. Some ppl. had problems with vista and the installer.

MAP PACKS: If you dont have all custom maps, make use of the OZ* Map Collection. Is a new map released, the packs will be updated immediately. If you already have that "Map Collection" you can make use of this informative THREAD (LINK).

Filefront and stuff often gives ~80 kb/sec. - So we decided to make them available on our homepage and provide them with 300 kb/sec. (That´s the limit sorry)


This time i will use 4 new programms, so it can took some more time to edit. ^^

Have to learn those programms.

I will list them here, because last time i got a lot pms "which programms i use".

- FRAPS 2.9.9

- ADOBE "Aftereffects" (CS3)

- Sony "Vegas 9.0 PRO"



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Hi Oz-Ares

Just wanted to say good luck with your movie project and how much I enjoy playing with you guys on your server.



You know our server - so if the message tells you "This server is running a different version" -> Download the 3 rd person mod and join !!!

I cannot wait, Ares. Your gaming community, OutlawZ, always do a spectacular job with your clan movies. I'm working to complete RAT this week, so hopefully it will make the cut!!

Take Care,


Thanks a lot bogie.

Feel free to join the sessions, would be great if the "Three Kings" will take part in that movie. ;)

Three Kings:

I guess that is the correct title for Bogie, JohnTC02 and Triplex with their bunch of custom missions.

The main, maybe the whole, movie will consist of the maps from these guys.

Please give me some feedback on the ideas, because its a hard job to do an concept. Iam more than flexible, but a little "storyboard" must exist to make a movie. Thats what i learned out of the other movies I already did.

I dont know, but i think electronical music like "Drum and Bass" can be "too much" for some anterior players.

My problem is, as at the other movies, which soundtrack fits?

Can somebody imagine if the "Rambo Soundtrack" will fit with the ingamesound? Ingamesound yes or not?!?

Need some feedback here before i can start because iam confused about the OST. It must be pleasant that the movie will be watched by a lot of GRAW 2 players and maybe players from other games. They have to load that maps !!! :wall:

And i think a suitable soundtrack is an important factor.



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:thumbsup: Great start with the video! I guess to answer your question about the cuts between scenes, it would really depend on the scenes. IE, the one where you are shooting between the AI over by the truck trailer and up over the hill seemed like a great pace, but the Heli at the end seem to follow the chopper a little much, but yet it still blended with the music quite nicely.

The music was great! Perhaps you can also incorporate some techno like you did with your Custom Maps movie using The Prodigy's "Invaders Must Die". Changing the tempo from one to another can tend to get folks charged! I know watching your clan rip up the competition during "Invaders Must Die" made the gameplay seem that much more intense to watch.

In any case, we really do trust your expertise as your GRAW2 videos are the best on the web!!

Thanks again for this!


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Thanks a lot bogie !

We do a new round in some minutes. We must record it as good as possible because in coop is only 1-2 trys to do a scene. I will keep an special eye on that scene with the sniper in the end.

Moreover the second part of the movie will contain more fast action scenes.

PART 1: Teamplay

This is ONLY the first part to introduce to GRAW 2 coop !

Graw 2 Coop isnt "bash action", and so we want to devide the movie in 2 Parts.

Part 1 Shows some teamplay and some longer scenes to gain a feeling what coop missions really are.

PART 2 : Objectives and new game elements

After this part the scond will begin with a sniper which just reloads his M99 and give a headshot to an AI on an other map.

In the second part we want to show more missions by Triplex, JohnTC02 and Bogie.

Showcasing some beautiful objectives and new elements on that maps like:

- C4 on Tanks or ADATS

- davros mines

- 3 rd person mod

- GRAW 1 BUILDINGS !!! *wth*

- Missing Diamonds (if possible to show)

- New weapon kits (if possible to show)

That will allow more short "cuts" with faster music and maybe ingamesound. Think that will increase the feeling of action these maps are providing.



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Hey guys.

Bad News.

We did ""some"" sessions on harry lee and did 79 reloads / start the mission again to take good pictures.

As i said months before, its very hard do to an movie on coop maps.

So the best way is to do the movie as a teaser. In the teaser we will show a lot of fights on harrylee.

To do a movie like i had it in mind is to much work.

Serious, 79 reloads to record the first 10 minutes with perfect play in perfect coordination, plus the AI must also stand on similar position so that its looking "real".

So i will edit the scenes from harry lee, the stuff we already recorded on ~ 90 tries.

Sorry guys. I think iam failed on that.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Hey folks.

Back @ home and immediately worked on the new "idea".

I edited the material i already have and put a new soundtrack on it.

Put some new cuts and a lot of new scenes in it.

Later on there will be some text, but i will do an other demo on that.

Plz tell me if this version is better or the old one should be the movie.


Thinks in mind:

1 - to picture some "flymode" editorscenes around custom missions

2 - introduce to "new elements" (like davros mines - missing diamonds by bogie and stuff)

3 - show their names while doing 1 +2

4 - the movie went over to "ingame"

5 - increasing the cuts like u see in this ***NEW TEST***

6 - a suitable ending.

Kind Regards


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Hi Ares,

I prefer this movie to the old one but I think the soundtrack for the old movie is better, it seems to give a better atmosphere to the clip, for me it adds to the suspense more that the new soundtrack.

Having said that I think they are both top quality movies, you are doing a great job and thanks for promoting our work. :thumbsup:


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  • 1 month later...

Hey guys !

Iam close to finish the coop movie that will be released in the next two weeks.

Our OZ* staff put more than 150 hrs on 4 maps to catch some nice scenes on them.

As you all know Part 1 ("Harry Lee" ) and Part 2 ("Journalist", "Corronado", "Pollox").

Maybe my bOiZ and me watched it too often, but we think it could be too long.

Our crew will have serious discussions about the lenght. Maybe i have to cut the movie into 2 seperate movies.

If i dont devide it, the movie is about 7.30 (including 1:15 min of credits).

A shorter, comlexive and faster movie will be watched more than a long slower one.

That is my experience.

I fear that the full lenght movie wont be watched and shared that much and the advertising video will go down before its released. Of couse you guys can help to share it and to push it while giving a rating / comment on youtube to increase the promotion of the mods and missions. But i betcha the 2 seperated Parts will do a better work. If you want i can upload a preview.

Here is the structure of the movie:

Part I : (2:41 Minutes)

- Named: "Harry Lee 2056"

- ingamesound included

- different perspectives

- filmed vehicels + AI squads

Part 2 : (3:29 Minutes)

- Named: "New Coop Missions feat. Brettzies Weapon pack 2.05"

- Showing the animated intro of Brettzies Mod

- Intro : (name of the game, name of the Movie, name of the mods)

- Operation Journalist

- Operation Zetas

- Bastion de Pollox

- played with brettzies mod (3rd person to fill the picture with the surroundings)

- ingamesound included

- different perspectives

- filmed vehicels + AI squads

- filmed the characters with some of the new weapons *(because its new !!!)

- filmed special events like artillery *(because its new !!!)

- showing to make use of the C4 doors *(because its new !!!)

- showing the ZEUS is available in the mod *(because its new !!!)

*(because its new !!!) = For guys that only know the common missions (Quarry, Retrieve, Sierra and Timber).

So those ppl., i think that is the target group, see how to handle the innovations of the modders.

Credits: (1:15 Minutes)


Please give your vote until 12/20/2009

I do this movie to promote your work. But i want it as perfect as possible, so that the advertising will work.

At least i will release the version that is prefered by the modders.

Please vote for one of my following suggestions and add some feedback if wanted:

A: The movie should be long and include PART I + PART II

B: Simply devide PART I and PART II into seperate movies

C: Devide PART I and PART II into seperate movies and customize PART I with a own intro and outro.

Thanks for help

Kind Regards


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Seems that it goes to "Suggestion A" :unsure:

Waiting for some more votes.

Here some additions to PART II are in mind:

- Show a text that the weapon mod is available in 3rd and 1st person (with suitable scenes).

- Show a victim runs in the mine field of pollox - freeze on a "Attention Davros Mines" sign.


- add some pictures and scenes to the credits background.

Thanks for vote and feedback.



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Hi guys.

Hi Ares

Leave it as a single movie. I vote A too. I'm not familiar with the version of Amazing Grace you've used, it's not how I remember it!!!!!


What do you mean by "Amazing Grace" ?

Are you talking about the soundtrack in the credits of the 3rd person mod?

Some ppl. liked it, some didnt. Thats life i think.

The credis + soundtrack of this movie will be a totally different one. Maybe u like it. :thumbsup:

I'd like to see the long one. Hard to say without really knowing the pacing, etc. You could do the long one, then make a teaser ( 0:30 - 1:00 ) out of that later.

I'm anxious to see what you've come up with either way.

Iam working harder on the long version since the most vote for suggestion "A".

Moreover i cutted "Harry Lee" a lil bit faster.

I can do a preview about the current stuff we already have.

PM me to gain the link !

Doing a Teaser for the movie? Cant imagine that it will help.

I think we come up with a similar kind of movie like the "Custom Map Movie" (the last one).

But now we have to fight against the bots and that makes the filming quite impossible.

We had to reenact every scene 5 times minimum and more often if the AI doesnt stand on the same positions as in the scenes before.

At least i hope you all like it and the movie does its job. Good promotion.

And i hope it was worth all the work. :thumbsup:

Thanks for feedback


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Can't wait to see the finished movie.

At least i hope you all like it and the movie does its job. Good promotion.

And i hope it was worth all the work.

I have always liked your movies, they are of a very high quality and I think I speak for all of the modders here when I say that we are all very grateful for all the time you and your team put into making these movies to promote our work.

I can't imagine the amount of hours it takes to make these but I think they are well worth the effort.

Thanks again, :thumbsup:


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Hey guys.

I just uploaded the credits. Plz doublecheck the names and stuff.

Bogie already told me to add "legacywork".

I play GRAW2 since the beginning, but i joined ghostrecon.net very late.

So maybe i missed some of the modders because i dont know them or their work. Sorry.


Thanks for help !!!



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Hey guys.

After more than 200 reloads its finally done. There were a bunch of mexicans that wouldnt be on television,

but finally we could force them. I hope you will like it.

I hope the promotion will work and get some hits. So leave a comment on youtube or rate the video to push it.

But i would say its up to you. ;)

Thanks a lot to the modding folks and all the rest of ghostrecon.net to keep up the game and the community.

Now the movie is done. Iam happy to use the next spare time to play all those missions again.

Of course with Brettzies and Rahnmans mod. :thumbsup:

Keep up the great works guys.

Merry X-Mas and a happy new year



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