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Dragon Rising - How To Extract the win_000.000 Files

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Tutorial: How To Extract the win_000.000 Files.

Posted by: Berliner19


MediaFire Download

So guys....

To unpack Dragon Rising, we first need QuickBMS and then two scripts.In the first step we make the 522 individuals, 8,192 KB big files an entire file, which then is 4:07 GB in size. In the second step, this file will be unpacked.

Downlaod: Quick_BMS and the two scripts here

1.) Unpack Quick_bms.zip and run the exe. First he ask you for an bms schript. Take the "big_one.bms" one. Then he want the OFP DR Folder. Go there an take the win_000.nfs. Then comes a next screen where do you want to save the big file? Important: Save it in the Flashpoint main Folder!

Then should pop up a screen witch ask you something with overwrite or what else. Only type "all" and hit enter. Now you gonna have an win_000.full file.

2.) Now we unpack the files. its the same like in the First Step but at this time we chosse the unpack.bms.take the win_000.nfs. Save the files in an empty Folder. Overwrite message comes back. type all and hit enter. Ready

OFP DR is fully unpacked and ready to mod.

have Fun

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The Bad News!

Ok just confirmed this, to some extents. Just went on anhiliation server playing chokepoint...and yes, the sprint speed was modded for me. Allowing me to sprint off into the distance while everybody else was left behind. This is a BIG problem.If CM EVER decide to provide actual mod support this HAS to be addressed immediately..There is no anti-cheat system in-place to actually compare the checksum of the files to the original game...

Sprinting Speed to dang Slow...


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In case anyone else stumbles on this old thread like I did -- the Files mentioned, the method mentioned, did not work. The Author the infamous Aluigi, created it for other purposes and it din't do a full and proper job with OFP:DR.

please if you know other places where there are discussions related to OF2 and my script write it there: DO NOT USE THAT SCRIPT

Original Forum Thread

It did however allow some, if not most, of the xml files available which do actually Mod some aspects of Dragon Rising to be realised. We can be grateful for that at least.


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