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Conspiracy Theories


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I'll tell you what though...assuming that black box is accurate, if airline pilots are saying that manoeuvre is nigh impossible, what are the chances of the alleged Johnny hijacker being able to pull it off?

Extremely slim, but not impossible. Flukes happen all the time, in nature, in sport, in disasters. While it's a highly improbable manouvre, I find the alternative theories less pluasable.

Sherlock holmes was fond of saying that once you eliminated the impossible, that which remained, no matter how improbable, must be the case.

Also, terrorists intentionally exceeding the safe working limits during a suicide attack?! Unthinkable!!

Seriously, who thought that was a valid counterargument?

I'm willing to concede that hitting a structure is pretty hard, but that's like saying the moon landing was a hoax simply because the US had good reason to fake it. Its a minor detail compared to the real evidence to support such a hypothesis.

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It’s an extremely interesting debate regarding the attack on the Pentagon, infact the way it has been presented by Jessie Ventura makes it all very dramatic and entertaining, even though, we should not let it get in the way of what really happen.

Regardless of what you read or what some people may say their will always be conflicting opinions… why... because we have some so called experts that tell us one thing , and other so called experts tell us something completely different on the same subject, which leads us to make up our own mind .

Unfortunately I’m not a expert on ballistics or aviation and I don’t know anyone that is, which allows me to make up my own mind on this subject… infact…what will stop this debate dead on its tracks is the footage of the plane, unfortunately the “powers to be” refuse to disclose that information …Why?

The more time that goes by without disclosing that information to its public, the more it seems there is something to hide.

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Here's an amazing video regarding the whole thermite/molten steel debate. The guy who did this testing sums up saying that the official story is wrong, and it's hard to argue with him after all the testing he does. It's actually hard to believe the guy is still alive!

I take it that you've never ruined a knife's temper by using a bench grinder to sharpen it.

You don't have to get the steel even part of the way to its melting point to get it to fail. Thermite's pretty effective stuff for cutting metal, but if you don't need it that clean, you don't need to be that specific.

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