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Ghost Recon and XP 64 bit?


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:unsure: Some information about the problems encountered would b e nice ?

Does it not install ?

Does it install but not play ?

Does it CTD if so post the Ike log file

What version is he installing ? the original discs ? or is it the gold pak version ?


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I am running a dedicated GR server on a Dell quad core system running xp64 with 12 Gig of ram.

It runs under the 32bit environment, and the only issue i have is not being able to find pkzip or winzip to run under the 64 bit platform so i can capture replays.

So, as Hammer mentioned, please post the issues you are having.


aka Stormlord

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Running windows vista 64bit home premium here with no issues for original gr and graw1 and graw2. Haven't had any issues finding software as of yet for it either. Most software runs under 32 bit emulator though. Crysis kicsk but on 64 bit, hope all new games are 64 bit.

I been running winrar instead of winzip with no issues. I hope that helps you seeker.

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The likely issue is that Windows XP 64-bit is nototrious for not having adequate driver support. I personally own a copy and hardly use it for this reason.

So if his computer doesn't have proper video or audio drivers, the game will unlikely work.

I'd advise him to upgrade to Win7 64-bit

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