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Mission - *T1* Harvester of Sorrow

Location - Spin Boldak, Afghanistan

Date - 10 October 2009

Time - 10:00


Briefing -

Morning Seal Team - welcome to Afghanistan.

We have received Intel indicating another opium farm is operating on the border between Afghanistan and our neighbours, Pakistan. We believe the farmers to be members of the Taliban and have aerial surveillance which shows them transporting weapons and supplies to their counterparts across the border. The Intel Report goes on to say that there have been sightings of Mullah Fazalullah inside the compund. Fazalullah is one of the rising leaders of the new breed Islamic militant groups and putting him out of action would strike a significant blow to the Taliban threat in Pakistan.

Your first objective will be to set up a Recon position on the high ground to the North overlooking the farm and to eliminate the Taliban Leader if you get a visual - he is identifiable by his white shemagh. Avoid engaging any hostiles until you have completed this objective - we don't want to spook Fazullah.

Your next objective will be to clear the farm of hostiles and destroy any weapons caches and munitions stores that may be destined for the terrorists.

Sounds easy enough? OK then, a chopper will be ready to transport you out to the farm shortly - good luck and stay safe.

Note - You should have Navy Seals 2.1 activated with Tournament 2009 running at highest priority.

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