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1/6th GR Models


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Check these bad boys out, extremely cool! Put together by Hangmen at one sixth warriors. (The original thread is here but I had trouble loading it so some of the photo's are shown below) Hangmen's site.







- FN SCAR w/ Suppressor & FN40 Grenade Launcher

- FN SCAR 5.56mm Magazine x4


- Comm. Radio


- Assault Gloves (BLK)

- Magpul (TAN) x1

- Oakley Sunglasses (Smoke Grey)


- Army Combat Shirt (ACU) & ACU Trouser

- Glowstick (red) x2

- Headsculpt

- IOTV Body Armor w/ Pouches

- Kneepads (ACU)

- MICH Helmet (ACU)

- MOLLE-Compatible Belt (ACU)

- Truetype Body

- Velcro US Flag Patch


- Bungee Sling (TAN)

- FN SCAR 5.56mm Magazine x6


- Blackhawk Drop-Down Holster w/ Magazine Holder (TAN)

- M1911 MARSOC

- M1911 Pistol Magazine x2


- Oakley Boots (BLK)

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Yo, I'm the guy who did the kitbash and I wish to say it's an honor to be featured on this site. I played through the PC version of GRAW 2 and was sorely disappointed by it. I'm planning to play the PS3 version (saw vids for console version, awesome) when there's a price drop at my local game store.

Too bad the silencer on that SCAR broke a few days later. I just replaced it with another SCAR from a different brand.

If you guys wanted to own a 1/6 figure that resembles a GRAW soldier, I recommend picking up Soldier Story Future Combat Systems.

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Great work Hangmen, I'm thinking of starting a mini project to build one myself using you tips! :D

Do stick around in One Sixth Warrior once this hobby started to chew your wallet. :D

Very cool! Hats off to you Hangman. :thumbsup:

Seeing those pics, I wonder if you also do stop motion clips?


Nope, I don't do stop-motion, but IINM, someone else on Youtube does.

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I personally would love to see new models and skins for our Ghosts (Green Berets) in game, which includes new camos, helmets, protective eye wear, packs, ect. Something similar to the Marine: Force Recon 2 mod for our GR1, which is primarily skin-model and equipment focused. Something that will bring our GR Green Berets characters up to date, including the specialists.

Now please, someone with the skills, form a party and get to work! I'm sure the community will approve and show 100% of support. :D

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