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my paintball guns


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I just played the most INTENSE paint EVER on Sunday. In Long Island NY. Coram to be EXACT. Cousins Paintball.

"The Big Game"

1700 people YEA one thousand seven hundred

case and 1/2 of paint

free air all day

5 great friends.

Hooter's girls

TONS of Vendors like Tippman, Smart Parts, Freak etc etc

free give aways

fist fight on the field

spyder w/ progressive barrel

12oz co2 remote(all you nitro punks are totally caught up in the hype)

150 hopper


need i say more?

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Fist Fight=

I started a screaming charge that ran 10 or so blue players away (i was red)

about 30 of red vs 10 blue...running, 2 decided to stay back and slug it out. :o=


when 30 people are firing at you simultaniously, one would expect that you are going to pay for being the "hero", he didnt think so. He screamed and yelled when we hit him after he was out. UUhhhhmmm...Hello 30 PEOPLE ARE FIRING....they are not going to take their time and 1 person shoot at a time.

Then "Hero" starts picking on one guy saying blah blah bla (to keep it G rated)

The guy he picked on....weellllll he didnt like it too much.....sooooo...he walked up to him....and....POP!!!!

Hero wasnt such a loud mouth after that.

People peeled the two apart. Wouldnt you guess it? The "Hero" had nothing to say when the guy was on his throat, BUT when there were 10 people between them....he gets all....uuhhmmmm ..."Tough" :wacko::blink:

But anyways. Was a great time, and as for pics....im checking the website now to see if they posted any. I wasnt taking my camera there cause of dust, dirt and i can be somewhat careless at times and my wife would have killed me.

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Anubis I live real close to you, I'm in Queens.


PLUS im thinking of going to the next big game in Platkills (sp?)

check out www.warpig.com and www.playpaintball.com

we should hook up man ;)

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Only came across the bad attitude types on the field twice.

The way we play is this...you get hit, you're dead. Period. Anyplace. This saves arguments. Also, you're dead, put your hands over your head and walk to the nuetral zone. This allows people to see you're dead, and mistakes aren't made.

We had a couple of brothers playing. Both BIG guys..like pushing 300 pounds each...of fat. Well, 1 of 'em is walking by me, holding his rifle like he was hunting for a target. So, I popped up and nailed him. Well, turns out he was dead. Hey lookee...no hands over the head and he couldn't figure out why I shot him. Anywho, he calls me all sorts ofnames, etc. Bad attitude.

Later that day, his brother is dukin' it out with one of my team mates. So, I sneak up on him, tell him to freeze or I'll shoot. He spins firing. So, I cap him. Then he flips on me.

We're back in the nuetral zone, they both freak. I tell 'em...not gonna fight with you here. But, come on down to the dojo, and we'll settle it like men in a safe environ. Needless to say, neither took me up on it. Tough guys until their bluff is called.

Other incident. Fellow was cheating. Wiping paint off and saying he wasn't hit. Shooting people point blank without a warning, etc. Generally, being a cheating jerk.

So, a couple of us hunted him, and emptied our loaders on him. Myself, that means 5x25 rnd mags. The other two, a 300 round loader each.

We told him after...that's what we do to cheaters. He never came back. Sold his guns a week later.

Problems solved.

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All the paintball places are way to expensive for me to play reguarly. (I've only played once with some friends, who half of them had never heard of camoflague). Managed to get right into the centre of their camp without being noticed by the red team.

Unfortuantly, my blue team hadn't noticed me either, so i'm flat on the side of this caravan, right in the middle ready to grab a flag and run like a ######. I can see the googles of some of my teammates in the woods just outside the camp. But they see me, not understanding that a guy standing in full view of them in the middle of a camp is probably not going to be a enemy, 3 out of the 4 guys and start firing at me. I try to indicate my arm band colour. Lucky my guys couldn't hit a cows ###### with a banjo and when they finally realise they have a Sam Fisher on their team stop firing.

But this has brought the attention of team red who quickly find me and force a surrender, otherwise a cap at 2 paces would be on the card.

Great fun :D Try and find some friends to go again. Perhaps get a staff outing, how I would love to shoot my boss.

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